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Because this travel destination India of its work and manpower availability, the CCC gave the park service the opportunity to develop a comprehensive fire control plan, India with fire lanes and trails extending through practically every area of the park. India, fire lookouts, telephone systems, and patrol cabins sprang India up.

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On a personal note, I witnessed and reworked with my trail crewmates of 1961 and 1962 those fire trails in the Many Glacier Valley. Since there were only six or seven of us, I can also state that it would take a renewed program numbering in the hundreds, as was the case in the 1930s, to accomplish anywhere near that massive backwoods remote routing of the CCC. Our primary work was clearing and repairing the more heavily used tourist trails along with rescue and firefighting duties. We only chipped away at the absolutely necessary parameters of fire trails. As a practical matter, save for the manned fire lookouts, the ambitious fire suppression program of the Depression years ended with the onset of World War II. Ample argument can be found within the National Park Service and among fire control experts that much of the suppression practices motivated by the 1910 disaster were overkill, particularly in the remote wilderness areas of parks and forest. Your travel destination is that is a travel blog for others to write and read.

While the CCC boys’ work ethic and bravery were admired, problems existed in Glacier as well as throughout the system. All of these problems were recognized and addressed going in and, fortunately for the programs, were dealt with by leaders from the president on down, who, for the most part, handled each with firmness coupled with recognition of the reality of the moment. Of all the experiences of Glacier National Park’s participation in the CCC’s eight years of existence, I wish to address three that impacted its practices between 1933 and 1942.

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