What is up guys we are here in Costa Rica a small little country in Central America yesterday we got to release some sea turtles into the ocean, and today is day number two start off the day fresh cup of coffee, and a morning, and it let’s get this out of the way it is right now like 1:00 in the afternoon. And I spent my entire morning trying to work around files move them from hard drive hard drive not exactly fun work.

But it comes with the job, and now got the boom box. I’m going to go to the beach try to get a workout in this year. I’ve been really trying to work on like work collect balance trying to manage having a never-ending job trying to stay in shape, and trying to just like enjoy the travels.

And I’m constantly going on. Because sometimes you get. So wrapped up you miss what you’re doing.

So right here is where. I tried to run out, and catch the sunset last night but I was just too late, I’ll get it tonight got about another six hours until it’s set this is probably like the best place that you could ever have a workout right on the beach let’s get started he’s keeping us accountable to our goals one of my goals when.

I started my blog was like always being the best shape of my life. Because I thought that hey. I work myself up.

So I own hours the whole time of everyone hasn’t gone very well. So far working out something that. I’ve been struggling off way too much for the past year, and a half.

I want to get the best shape that. I’ve ever been in my entire life, and when I was 19, and 20. I was in pretty good shape for me fitness is definitely a priority in this work-life balance, and it’s one that. I need to work more on this beautiful beach right here is to be a two minute walk away from Abby’s dad’s condo the water is like not too warm. So the night refreshing temperature.

So so good after like a nice workout after getting showered you feel like a million bucks right now putting together the works just cut up some fresh strawberries. So just as important in the work-life balance is having the right equipment that allows you to work on the road. And I’m super stoked.


I literally just got this in the mail before leaving like the day before this is the Acer Swift 5 this right here maybe the ultimate travelers laptop as you can see here it’s incredibly tiny. But yet it still supports a massive 14 inch 1080 HD screen it’s got Intel i7 core. So it’s quick it’ll allow you to your photos your blog keep up with your friends, and family back home this is the perfect solution for when you’re traveling cut your finger here, and it logs you right into your computer a nice little security feature ultimately it comes down to this.

I get business in my carry-on in my stowaway luggage no matter what. I’m doing. I can bring it with me.

Because it’s that light even the charger is very conveniently, and efficiently designed. So you can throw in your backpack, and take off almost no room this for me is definitely a travel essential. And I can’t wait to play more with my Swift 5 the Sun is just about setting, and we’re heading to a beautiful sunset spot let’s go check it out we’re down here good heaven yeah.

I almost like not go that monkey up there okay. So we are going to watch the sunset right now in a really beautiful spot the sunsets here are absolutely stunning today’s goal is to actually catch the sunset. Because yesterday, and the day before they’ve literally all gone down right as we’re trying to get our stuff set up.

So off the drone ready, and just excited to be here want to thank my mom, and my dad for having me, and the opportunity to be in this moment right now all right to this place this is. I really guy actually cannot get over this amazing. I think it’s the edge of the earth yeah evidence just be fun is like nobody else around here like a group three people down there that entire Beach is empty this little bar area the rocks like no one here.

So after being in Alberta where it was like usb-based go on your tippy-toes using a drone it’s nice to be back in a country where there’s no drone laws maybe that’s not entirely true. But there’s not nearly a severe drone laws. So we’re going to get the drone up here capture some shots not have to spend half the time looking for permits.

So that was definitely a highlight sunset absolutely stunning again it says. So so quickly. But at least this time.

I was able to get my shot. And I guess like the third thing that comes to like the work-life balance is like actually making sure that you’re taking in everything you’re doing. And I know that nine times out of ten ten times out of ten.

I’m always going to use vs. on any peach reading sunset because. I’m running around with 15 cameras some people might look at it from outside perspective, and be like Oh probably not myself.

But the truth is like the moment. I quit my job my happiest moment. I decided to pursue my passion joining photos putting together a story out of the day for me that’s like how.

I fulfilled my level of enjoyment work-life balance is very very invasive it will never truly be attained. But every day. I try to do my best to get as much of it as possible.

I’m very thankful to be doing what we do we have such an amazing life to be able to be here in Costa Rica right now, and call this a job is pretty darn cool you super awesome. I just met a guy. But telltale if you’re reading this.

So nice to meet you like it always shocked me when. I’m in these places where. I don’t really have like a following.

I haven’t traveled to before, and yet. I’m still able to meet people time, and time again that is in the coolest thing about my blog is being it meet people no matter where you’re at. I love my job if you don’t love your job.

I challenge you to make that change or figure out how you can start to love your job. Because the second that. I left my job that was bringing me down it was not adding to my life.

But taking from it the second. I made that change everything went uphill from there everything downhill uphill everything got better from there. And I have to say like you know people think to themselves that Oh next year, I’ll do it or tomorrow, I’ll do it.

I was only 22 when I left my job to try something entrepreneurial, and something way out there, and it has brought me so much joy.

And I never tell people to leave the job but I always challenge them to find something they love about their jobs something that could be doing differently or a way that they can bring more joy into their life for me it was being able to do film being able to travel, and it’s pretty incredible when you’re able to bring the two things together bringing your passion, and bringing an income together in one, and you can keep doing it for the rest of your life sprinkle some magic sauce on that sell all you want say that’s all. I got yeah okay it’s kind of a spooky thought kind of chat you know party’s just getting started Koff freaking tooth turtle food it sounds like a dog there’s monkeys back here Hey oh my gosh.

I’m scared to go in here that’s a terrifying monkey they brought us. I thought it was a shot what kind of mood rings did somebody order here turns out it’s like blended here’s a little bit spot row apparently like pleaser, and taste palate sorta goes oh no no. I like beef thank you good try it suppose ya try another rail with the Motorola trailer.

So how does it see the stars, and there’s a roof yeah you’re not going to see much in here. I’m not gonna even. But you tried.

I tried. So hard, and got. So far.

But in the end no we didn’t we’re gonna be on it this is the end of a beautiful day here in Costa Rica you’re new to the blog hit that subscribe button if you’re not new here this top thumbs up button if you enjoyed it if you made it this far odds are pretty good you enjoyed it without further ado let’s again you.

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