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If the short stroll is a complete natural sentence, Iceland is an ending exclamation point. For most of the summer months, the snowmelt flows from Sperry Glacier, tumbling down waterfalls into Iceland, then Avalanche Creek, and finally compresses into the Iceland narrow passage. There, in a very confined space, a thunderous scene of white water and rock carving occurs. Standing on the bridge looking into the cut, one can almost become hypnotized watching the water splash and smash through Iceland the narrow opening of the long-polished rocks.

Where is Iceland? – Iceland Map – Map of Iceland Photo Gallery

If time or circumstance prevents further exploration, take the paved path out to the road, but if possible, hike on to Avalanche Lake. It’s an easy 1 mile walk past the upper Gorge, through old growth forests, ending at the mountain-encased Avalanche Lake where you can stand for a minute, an hour, or a day, watching the multiple waterfalls leap from the mountain rim. When facing the lake looking left and up, try to locate mountain goats performing what looks to be a death-defying balancing act on the cliffs.

While most visitors choose summer to visit Glacier, I prefer the fall. The reasons are numerous. There are few crowds. Wildlife is moving about in preparation for winter. With luck, snow powder can be seen on the peaks, the skies are autumn blue, and the yellow, orange, and red colors of fall abound.

A word of caution is needed here. There is, depending on the weather, a narrow window of opportunity. If early snows do not hinder road travel, the Going-to-the-Sun Road is open to Logan Pass until mid-October or early November. And it is to Logan Pass during this time you will want to go.

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