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You’re killing me over alright guys it is day number three here in Panama City, and we’re actually just checking out of this beautiful place we just found out that corporate stage is actually going to be putting up in another place which is in Old Town whole town is kind of like the place to be in all of Panama City you’re coming to visit this place which. I highly recommend you’re going to want to check out old town a little more expensive.

But it’s beautiful it’s very safe, and currently we’re in a neighborhood probably like central Panama City. I honestly don’t know the name alright guys we’re back in Casco Viejo the old town you remember the first blog. I flew the drone right by there what hahaha holy this place is.

So swanky oh hi there Blake just doing some work on our extended patio oh very nice continue, and just over here just makin some macaroni, and cheese a specialty cuz it doesn’t cost much money Blake. And I are getting a little romantic tonight here at our corporate State this place is amazing guys. I’m.

So excited to be here, and we’re in the best part of town eating some of the best food like Allstars crap dinner eat crap dinner everywhere you go Travel budgeting tip of the day brought to you by Kraft Dinner hey we’re going to go explore around Tennessee where we going to spike the coffee often think of tearing good thing this year is old town it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m thinking. We’ve just brought here in the causeways, and it’s super cool.

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Because you come outside of busy Panama City on this really narrow stretch, and you’re surrounded by the ocean you’ve got people parking their boats on each side. But now we’re going to rent a bike we’re going to bike around the area. I know there’s go karting paintballing, and a bunch of restaurants over here we’re going to kind of look around get the bike you guys on the blog when.

I was in Manila. And I broke will dock Mitch’s bike the exact same thing happened except this time it was not my fault it gave me those dumb pious bike in the world, and the actual gear ship came off the bike got lost in like all of the stuff it’s busted it’s not working. But we’re going to fly the drone makes the most of it Oh.

I don’t know what your condo means doesn’t get my breakfast right. I’m putting so much right now guys.

So we brought my broken bike back didn’t ask any questions they just gave me a new one. I assume they see broken bikes every day they’re all pieces of crap we went around a big circle all the way up to this mountain or more could you ask for look at that view guys. So this is the top of Cosway it’s like that stuff you can see good people are like on the side of a tower maybe the string know anything hey don’t hit a face, and okay.

So right now we are in Eduardo’s car we’re heading back to our hotel, and then from there we’re going to go find themselves the Panamanian dinner because. We’ve actually not really had any traditional meals just yet, and Marta was saying it’s actually not easy to find what you would call authentic Panamanian food. And I’m not exactly sure why that is Eduardo says it’s personally not his favorite kind of food.

But you can find it. So he’s given us a couple of names we’re going to go check out one of them. I know that the fish market we had ceviche yesterday, and that’s groovy in food.

So that’s not even panamanians. But uh tonight we’re going to eat Panamanian hopefully receive before we leave. But if not thank you for showing us around all right geez.

I don’t check that sky right now that is heavenly it looks like the gates of heaven. I’m opened up, and there’s just like light radiating through you can actually see the beams of light running through the sky major key, and there’s uber right now we’re heading off to a Panamanian restaurant to try some Panamanian food needs to be oh. So about ten minutes outside of old town we are right now at Nahas, and this is it right here look at that we’re close Oh it reminds me of that type time you’ll be highway garage in Bangkok Rocky is we find authentic food authentic right everything has been surprisingly probably gonna be a bit of community.

I guess. I found what. I’m looking for this thing is called a typical Panamanian dish there’s no explanation as to what it is.

But it’s difficult, and that’s why. I’m here. So I’m going to get that.

I just have to. I am like. So what’s the goodness difficult an amazing dish we explained it we honestly grandma’s life right, and then I’m like you will people like it, and he’s like we’re old. And I just know what people might look. And I go split his typical animating doesn’t really get something else is like a bad copy shape we really were good the beer has at the fish market the panama lager, and my favorite the domestic beer in the farm up in traditional Panamanian meal, and his plan B would be if we don’t like it guys this is really good the traditional Peruvian meal no idea what’s in it.

But you love it. I guarantee it. So altogether that came to 41 US dollars.

So definitely not a cheap place. But an amazing meal now we’re going to head back to the hotel, and call it a night all right we are back the shuttle somebody recently asked how we manage to get the past few blogs to be such a high quality level. And I want to show you how we’re currently operating the business to enable us to first of all get out the content on a daily basis.

We’ve been doing 12 p.m. posting times Eastern Time, and how do we manage to do that, and yet still have such high quality content this is how we do it in the past it has been me, and me only doing all the editing from you know importing the clips onto a hard drive cutting all the clips color grading the cliffs throwing in stupid jokes exporting the post uploading the post creating a thumbnail week the title around to make sure the post is attractive putting in the description which is basically like a little mini paragraph adding the appropriate tags linking the post from one to another those are the steps that go into uploading a post, and that happens every single day if you can manage to pull it off now it’s a go full circle how we’re doing it is this is my computer blake has his computer with him.

So Blake is being an incredible help he actually takes all the memory cards he will import all of the files drags them on to an external hard drive just like this one here once it’s on that hard drive he actually opens up project in final cut which is the editing software that. I use, and he just basically makes all the cuts that are necessary. So anything that was not usable for the blog he’ll delete it he’ll just basically give me like the perfect real up stuff that.

I get to play with, and turn into the finalized blog if you’ve noticed a difference in the quality of the path to blog. Because of this it has allowed me to free up more of my time to work on the things that. I really enjoy doing which is color grading which is adding in silly jokes when.

I’m editing on my own, and trying to do all these things it’s very hard to get to the very last step, and be like okay now. I want to make sure the color grading looks at its best, and now. I want to make sure the B sequence is good.

I want to make sure. I have the right song. But that is in short too long didn’t read it’s.

Because of Blake use allowing me to focus on the important things that’s currently how. I’m running the business this is how I can basically allow myself to continually get daily content out, and make sure that it’s the high quality stuff that you guys want to see guys.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog. I’m going to call it quits here leave the post big thumbs up if you’re new to the blog hit subscribe, and guys let’s get lost again tomorrow good day.

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