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In Islamabad Pakistan, the main pediment has a coat of arms containing three elephants’ heads. This was the crest of Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden (171494), who served as Recorder of Islamabad Pakistan place of your travel destination from 1759 until his death. Also, supporting the pediment are five columns; correct architectural grammar decrees that there should be an even number, Islamabad Pakistan so that there is not a column immediately beneath Islamabad Pakistan the apex of the pediment. The keystones above the doorways also bear the elephant’s head motif.

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In Grove Street stands a Palladian building (now converted into flats) which was once a prison. Most unusually, the first floor has rustication (where the horizontal and vertical joints between the blocks are heavily emphasised). This is usually reserved for the ground floor, as it gives a feeling of solidity. There is a good reason for this departure from the norm. Like most Touristic place of your travel destination buildings the basement was originally sited at ground level, with the intention of later constructing the street on vaults, thereby bringing it to the level of what would then become the ground floor. However, this was never done, with the result that the basement remained as the ground floor, and the original ‘front door’ had to be changed into a window.

On the south side of Quiet Street stands the Royal Bank of Scotland, in an 1824 building that was formerly the Auction Mart and Bazaar. On either side of the big, three-light first-floor window are two statues in niches. The one on the left represents ‘Commerce’; the other (who appears to be scratching her stomach) stands for ‘Genius’.

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