It is time finally time to release my travel Thailand guide guys. I’ve mentioned in the past two blogs but. I’ve been working on this for the past three months like tirelessly trying to balance the daily blog, and building out the perfect thailand guide, and it’s finally launched.

So check out the link down below check out the website let me know what you think of it in short there’s two packages there’s a Thai 101 guide which is like a 40-minute post that gets you ready for your trip it tells you everything you need to know from the knowledge to what to pack how to set up your bank account safety fraud basically all these big topics that you want to know about before going to a new country it covers all of that the other package is a 24 post guide that’s why. I simply. So long 24 posts, and each of the posts are basically like a day-by-day guide.

So in chronological order the post takes you through what it would be like to travel Thailand it gives you recommendation on the top spot the top bars the top restaurants view points everything that. I’ve learned while travelling Thailand is in that guide. I get asked.

So often how to travel Thailand, and it took me literally 24 posts to put it into words, and to put it into post one of the most valuable things about the guide is that it’s not just me talking to a camera being like go here go here it actually shows you what these places look like. So that you can evaluate do. I actually want to go here, and is this what is best fit for my needs.


I realized some people will want to party through Thailand some people would rather just go see the most beautiful view points of Thailand some people want both well this guide is built in a way that gives you the best of both worlds it allows you to pick, and choose what you want to do it gives you the structure that you’re looking for to make the most of your time in Thailand. I know this package will be an incredible help in getting you ready for your trip it will guide you through this country, and when you buy the guide you are literally allowing Abby. And I to continue to travel to invest in creating better, and more posts.

So we thank you guys even if you’re just reading the posts leaving big thumbs up thank you so much we don’t thank you guys enough for what you do for us, and we would not be here without you let’s continue with our day we’re now going to show you what is one of the integral parts of Thai culture. So in order to show you some of Bangkok culture we have to go to the pinnacle the main site of where it all happens, and not it seems to be very much well.

I want to give a honestly. I’m so taken back by the incredible service we have been getting like from the moment we arrived as an open-cell they can’t eat it really you can’t get any better than that welcome to lavish luxury Bangkok this is beyond Paragon a massive massive mall, and it’s one of three theon malls it doesn’t even make sense you have not seen a big mall until you’ve come to Bangkok, and they are all over the city is crazy casually taking out things you can’t afford color it in well there we get electrician to put them on the Christmas list.

But uh your cross okay. So we’re in Yelm Paragon right now has a whole bunch of designer stores like this, and they also have some regular stores. But it’s always fun if you like a little window-shopping one of the things that always shocks people when they come here is that they see these opulent malls they see the developed like buildings, and downtown sides, and it just goes to show that Thailand has a very strong economy it has a large enough upper to middle class that can afford to get these luxury goods that can afford to go shopping on the weekends we were actually speaking with JP one of the guys who set us up with all the hotels, and he was explaining to us like the major cultural difference, and the reason that Bangkok can sustain.

So many malls is not just. Because they have rich people which they do. But the main reason is that it’s cultural in Thailand to like go on the weekend, and get your family together, and go to the mall in North America we don’t really do that with our families.

I like to steer clear of mold the difference is they come here they get to enjoy these beautiful models that are entertainment, and they offer air-conditioning when you’re outside in Thailand, and you get air conditioning it can be like one of the most amazing relief people come here hang out for the day they can go bowling they can go watch a movie there’s aquariums in this mall it’s pretty insane yellow model team yellow outfit yellow Lamborghini yellow top you see yeah it the guys this is the most advanced polaroid camera you’ve ever seen, and how much is it for film okay. So I think. I might be fanboying over that stupid little polaroid camera it’s like basically the Ferrari of Polaroid cameras it was 11,000 thought which is like 350 u.

S. we’ll see it could be cool. So that camera body.

I held though with a massive lens on it. I don’t know how much the lens was. But the camera body was like 8,000 us.

I don’t think necessarily Leica has the most high performing cameras based on specs. But people buy into it as a brand it’s kind of like Apple right you spend extra to get the brand no it’s like a super high-end phone we $3,000 phone us if you’re going to drop 30 to $40,000 us on a phone like that is with your family right now just look at half a dare. I mean.

I’m pretty happy with an iPhone. But no you could be happier okay time to go pick up my color hello just picking up my cart. So they actually just told me that they’re not finished doing the diamond encrusted on the interior of the car.

So, I’ll have to pick it up on Tuesday welcome back we just met Baja, and he told me that. I inspired him to travel like about kind of crazy right there. So think that.

I met someone on the other side of the world in a mall, and they’re here. Because of something. I showed them in posts that’s what it’s all about guys.

I want to show you my brand new drone. I shoot 4k 120 frames per second it’s the best drummer in the market, and with it. I’ve got a little land-based camera.

I can get into place fake faces that. I can’t get on unput thank you hi Aaron like a ramen where we’re getting hot we’re getting real hot we’re so close.

So close just as important as getting your shopping done is finding the right food beyond Paragon has everything you’re looking for from Western Drew’s to Asian food, and right now we’re at this ramen place amazing. I can talk super super good excited she’s wearing her almond right thanks is silver. I need to like buy a skirt.

I’m very dynamic on the bright side the ramen is amazing. So good like some of the most flavorful ramen. I’ve ever had but.

I think it’s. Because there was out things like this big of butter on top. So that was just one of the 3 cm shopping centers that was beyond Paragon.

I’m not a big shopper. I guess. I could, I’ll quickly show you a little bit of the others.

But we’re not going to spend much time there. I’m all shopped out after an hour, and a half being in a mall. I’m pretty done like excuse kelvins or school covering up their little oil thing you can hardly tell okay.

I’m Paragon this is TM center-right not beyond discovery, and right next to see on Discovery the lots of the film is MV table that’s a big mall right over there that we’re going to we’re going to cross this intersection okay. So we have just arrived at mpk, and this is the amazing mall that. I’m.

So fed to show you guys. I feel like all these here are likely counterfeit converse, and bands la represent oh my gosh they have tiny shoes the sector has to be at least three times bigger did this. I’m going to try these on yeah these are 1500 baht roughly like – about a dollar of everything from like Nike Flyknit feel like the what are they called the adidas want easy easy yeah.

So you’ll see a lot of Malkoff curses, and the ones we have in the front are normally like possible. But they’re not like very close replicas if you want to see the real replicas you have to go to the store owner, and be like hey can you show me the goods, and give a little wings, and any fist bump, and then he brings you behind the scene like that’s exaggerated. But they will literally take you behind the store, and that’s where they’ll show you the real knock off the ones that are you know maybe a couple hundred three hundred bucks for a purse that’s made to look like Celine or made to look like coach or your micro team are.

But whatever faces foot day, and everything you could ever want you want to try saw. So Abby. And I come back to Thailand like anytime we can.

Because we love it here well there’s actually another reason that. I haven’t told you guys though we’re back for some crime to the Thai New Year. And Because this is hi new year.

I’ve gone into like every camera shop was coming pond duck with. And We’ve gone through like ten of them now. And I’m trying to find a waterproof bag to cover the 1dx the camera.

I’m filling up right now. Because song brown is a three day water fight. And I want me a blue film that’s the one DX.

So badly. I’m running out of options either my boss two people up, and after that your flock bags. I guess that’s a 600 s for pretty much like straight on your face here your heads the entire frame.

So anyways guys we just try on my new blogging lens the. I’m going to come back tomorrow to pick it up. So that last shot.

I was standing here Abby was standing at the car end of the store there just like in that corner, and that’s how close up it was. So I’d like to show you the newest purchase for the daily blog this here is my easy portable, and convenient dolly system. So whenever.

I blog you’ll get a really nice smooth transition as. I move the tripod. I give you a nice little speed Rap solo movie the one carrying this around you okay let’s go Buster bad news gun.

I have asked every single camera shop nobody sells Zeca packs which are these like basically Ziploc bags to hold the camera. And I don’t know how. I’m gonna waterproof this camera for some time.

I’m literally that desperate. I can. I just buy 15 oils of styrofoam saran wrap, and just start wrapping the crap out of the Lundy yet.

Because I can’t not film it it’s too beautiful out of all places. I buy a Canada Hat in Bangkok through the way back of time man right there the fastest cookbook driver in the whole of Bangkok you got a third 450 he’s like without even like saying anything like get in, and from that moment on it was just pedals to another oh my god he was the fastest. I’ve ever measured in reckless young people.

I think he was probably maybe drunk -. I don’t know he’s doing some real weird stuff. But he got us back safely quickly oh you think he did almost in a fight he almost ran over the security guards exterior.

I hit anything that would have been interesting. I got to do a little haul here shows what you got now couple that given way where it’s decided like blown-up clean room is the best room would you say you’re on a moment what is that what is that little piece of work hmm we just got a letter, and he’s gone we just got a letter. I want to move from another incredible date here in Bangkok, and another amazing day with the Aqua hotel group huge thank you to the new hotel for having us in this beautiful place, and huge thank you to you guys for showing love to the blog, and checking out my new Thailand travel guide.

I really appreciate your support guys. And I really appreciate your feedback. So let me know what you think of it, and let’s get lost again tomorrow see what.

I did there kind of changed up the reverse with the mirror um.

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