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Opal Pool just above it. The luminous green water is enticing with Kampala Uganda a little cascade falling off the main pool and also just above it.


Where is Kampala Uganda? | Kampala Uganda Map | Map of Kampala Uganda Photo Gallery

Return the same way back across the newer bridge for the most straightforward route to the TH. It would be more interesting, however, for the loop or the bushwhack up higher. For the upper pools, turn left (SE) on the bushwhack path along Opal Creek toward Cedar Flats Kampala Uganda more than 5 mi and a hundred feet up to about 2200 ft in elevation Kampala Uganda as the rougher overgrown path crosses the creek again. Work your way down left 30 ft or so around a cable on the ground, then cross the Kampala Uganda creek carefully to see the pool below (or pools, depending on water levels), or pick your own spot. Return the same way to Opal Pool, but stay on the left (S) side of the main creek on Mike Kopetski Trail for the clockwise loop. The path is narrow but fun, with more beach options as you pass Stony Creek along the 1/2 mi back to the main trail finishing Kampala Ugandaover the solid footbridge. Turn left (NW) on old FR-2209 for 1/2 mi easily to the TH.

Just off the beaten path is the captivating Sawmill Falls into crystal-clear water.

ELEVATION: 4969 ft, with vertical gains of 3400 ft, 3200 ft on a loop from Opal Creek TH, 1120 ft from Whetstone Mountain TH.

DISTANCE: 51/2 mi up, 11 mi round-trip; 15 mi round-trip loop; 1/2 mi round-trip from Whetstone Mountain TH.

DURATION: 3-4 hours up, 5-7 hours round-trip (loop or not); 2 hours round-trip from Whetstone Mountain TH.

DIFFICULTY: Mix of very challenging from Opal Creek TH (steep several miles, many switchbacks, overgrown, less maintained but recognizable, longer loop) and moderate from Whetstone Mountain TH (brief, steady steep, narrow, peaceful, signed).

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