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Somebody asked me how.

I stay in shape while traveling the answer is. I don’t. I am in the worst physical condition of my life.

But make the best travelling Fitness do not combine well start the morning right with some eggs benedict need that right all right guys we’re off on our first day trip into the waterfall guide today awesome awesome, and you guys guys look at the goat from the side of the road. So we have arrived at the base of Castro Falls. And I don’t know how far the hike is to get there well we’re gonna do it Ronnie’s got his drone even underwater camera.

I’ve got my gh4 we’re fully equipped yeah ladies first yeah 350 steps later Anna built for life built for exploration. So there used to be a pathway leading up to here. And I guess they got three typhoons in a row, and that’s happened normally the son has to pull out the blues.

But even in the shade there’s like this blue hues the water we have arrived at the waterfall done to the 135 feet you say hundred thirty-five 137 Thank You Jan you’re on the hook for this one Jan Wow there’s a bunch of locals just like hanging out by the waterfall, and they’re probably all like 13 to 15 years old they just keep saying hi to me, and waving, and then as soon as. I look they like turn around cuz they’re really shy people here are just. So nice.

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I love the Philippines let’s try it again see the problem is we have no GPS right now. So any wind will push it off course it doesn’t know where it is. So right now we’re flying manually, and trying to get the perfect shot.

But drone here right here apparently we’re going in there. I feel. So good after swimming in there the water is actually like a really refreshing temperature.

So it’s kind of cold at first. But you adapt pretty quick water here is fresh for drinking. So there’s a village cultural NZ out that’s just around here, and they drink the water straight out of the river which you cannot do in most parts of Asia.

So pretty cool if we get to the top 350 steps let’s go, I’ll send help there he is again the guy with a monkey we some swimming yesterday that’s the life just living in the Philippines chillin with your monkey we’re back at atmosphere resort, and we’re just going to take about a two hour downtime can get some lunch, and then after that we’re going to a pool island. So part two of our amazing day here in Dumaguete look at that this is exactly how I feel about the resort tumbler white-girl goals all aboard the pride, and joy of the atmosphere Victoria not all heroes wear capes drone heroes Oh she broke up with him fight is ghost night tonight amazing day.

So far guys, and now we’re enjoying some beautiful drinks as well as getting some awesome post for the resort if you own a hotel collar on E&I with the dream team we are now going into to mckiddy with Alma, and Alamo was one of our tour guides today all aboard the jeepney my first jeepney of the trip we got a drop off sorry now. I’m getting city, and to get here probably takes about 45 minutes with the jeepney my hair is crazy it cost us 20 pesos which is probably like. I think that’s half a dollar like half the US dollar.

So in other words it’s pretty much free to get around on public transportation to get back we’ll have to take a tricycle, and that will cost us around 300 select ten US dollars. But still considering how far you’re going everything here is cheap something on the fake kicks Wow. I haven’t seen foxes doesn’t like ice cream we are going to the world of wings from wing Wednesday.

So this is San Miguel Beer, and it literally tastes like Corona it’s delicious oh he’s gonna make the move we made it why not why not. I love it why not nothing better than karaoke is laser karaoke why not super ones every Wednesday all right we invented a game here called Canadian rolls dice very creative name. I’m calling eight we get an 8 almost drinking it all three drinks hey guys there’s only one number left 7 let’s see if we get it two in a row for Alma all right just leaving the club now actually pretty fun dumaguete is not exactly party central.

But it was a good time the band is actually. So talented we’re gonna go check out another one. But realist plays probably the end of the night it’s only Wednesday, and it’s only 11 o’clock right now at can we get a second hottest club free vibe a bomb riba feel alive with revived.

I just requested toxic by Britney Spears oh they’re not playing it this isn’t toxic all right just left revive now we will pretty climb into Rio back down to ski resorts, and this is our friend your name food drinks, and takes a three fifteen dollars per person like this is way cheaper than Bangkok if you include alcohol the alcohol at that last Club was a dollar fifty less than a dollar fifty u.s. at the club this is Robert.

But please fake it. I can’t believe we made it you got a fat tip for Robert no you should make fun of ameica, and Robin that was like the slowest ride back ever probably took us at least an hour, and like 10 minutes Robert was doing his best. But it’s motorcycles really struggling alright guys.

I’m just about to go to bed that’s the end of the blog for tonight, and, I’ll see you guys tomorrow good night you didn’t really think I’d forget did you all right guys make sure you don’t leave the house without a compass otherwise you’ll get lost good night make sure you leave the house without a compass. So you do get lost have a good night guys when you’re in a foreign town ask for a map otherwise you’ll get lost good night guys have a good night, and let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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