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If you are planning on making a move to San Jose, be sure to do your homework first. While there are many attractions that draw visitors and residents every year, San Jose has areas that are dangerous. You don’t want to find yourself living in a place where you are fearful when you need a locksmith when you get locked out of your home or car. Pay attention to three areas that you should avoid. Steer clear for your piece of mind.

Look Out For the Capitol, King, and Story District

According to Virtual Tourist, don’t even bother looking for property that is anywhere around Story, Capitol, and King. According to locals, this is considered a rough area of town where crime rates are up. You’ll take the risk of muggings, break-ins, and vandalism if you choose to buy a home or business in this area. Police activity is higher as well. While the presence of officers is always reassuring, the reason that there is a high need is definitely a deterrent for potential home buyers. Look elsewhere for better prospects.

Beware of Gang Activity

Yahoo Answers notes that gangs are prevalent in San Jose. Your biggest concern is friction between the Nortenos and the Sure±os. Police note that the population of gang members has grown in the last ten years, many settling in the Washington area of San Jose, which includes Almaden Avenue and Second Street. As tensions become higher and more conflicts arise in these pockets of low-income neighborhoods, the area becomes more and more unstable. The Sure±os pose the biggest problem. The majority are immigrants, just migrating into the city, with no ties or loyalty to San Jose. In contrast, the Nortenos have been established and consider the city to be their home. It’s best to avoid this section of town where clashes are common. You don’t want to be caught in the crossfire.

Stay Away from the Seven Trees Area

If you don’t want to hear gunfire or experience it first hand, don’t settle in the Seven Trees area of San Jose. You’re bound to see suspicious activity in this part of town, whether there is a drug deal going down or another gang altercation. The last thing you need as a new resident is to get caught up in trouble. Desperate times require desperate measures and the worst parts of town are the center of desperation.

Look for the Positive

San Jose does offer areas that are inviting, where median salaries are common and crime rates are down. Be sure to take a peek at the best neighborhoods, paying close attention to crime rates, schools, and other amenities. When you are getting ready to relocate, you always want to bear in mind resale value. Choose a rough part of town and you’ll have a hard time making your property move. Also, regardless of where you settle, you should have a good locksmith on speed dial. Visit to find out about services that are available from a reputable locksmith. You need the peace of mind that comes with a competent locksmith that can assist you in any kind of trouble. When you want to beef up your security, change your locks, or you have been locked out, trust your locksmiths to help you out of a jam. Consider calling in trusted locksmiths when you buy your new property in order to evaluate the state of your locks. You want to ensure that everything is secure from the day that you move in and your locksmith can make that happen.

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