Exploring Koh Phangan

Day four everyone pretty much left today Abby. And I were lazy.

And decided not to book train tickets home. So they basically filled up for today. So, we’re taking the tomorrow train tomorrow night train.

And yeah but I have no complaints gonna be a bit late for class tomorrow because, I’m gonna arrive right in the morning but yeah what’s new, I’m always late teachers usually late. So should matter because some bad rice.

And chicken almond. So we have a visitor mr. dog just down there dug himself a little bit okay.

And, we’re not putting it on a blog. So Abby. And I are gonna go explore the island we rented a nice bike, it’s 200 baht for the whole day we ended up red sitting off a Russian guy.

And he had no cares to give like we have been talking to. So many different vendors. And everyone was trying to rip us off.

And like trying to get all of our passports. And then we go up to the Russian guy. And I offered him like my driver’s license is ago.

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I don’t need that like he was the only one who didn’t care about that he gave us the best price. So like for Russians when you’re renting bikes, it’s really not that hard to believe it came from cavemen found a modern-day cave woman right here hi idiot that really here what about that thing oh okay where else is. So cool looks like it sounds like a temple, it’s the start of something they’re building what’s that supposed to be oh that’s.

So cool Hotel explorers breaking into an abandoned well, I’m not a bandit but, it’s not a construction it’s so cool like Myatt. And tie things.

I guess, it’s just tie sorry Carla we came back to the same place we ate before the full moon party which is mama schnitzels if you want to get good food before a boomin party come here like super cheap. And you get schnitzel on a bun with american sauces. And life is good.

So there’s a sh t. So here is the full moon party of you don’t they clean it up somebody yeah. And, it’s the day after.

And, it’s already looking pretty clean Lex you’re pretty nice Beach if you forget what it was all happening here in this whole area as you would have seen my other posts just build up with people but, I’m pretty crazy yeah less people peeing in the ocean this is where the toilets were everyone being. And throwing up in there. So, we’re going to bike back to our resort.

And watch the sunset. So we are just on the beach right now, we’re drawing take over Tuesday, I’m going to take over Christmas vlog blog for 24 hours. So yeah, we’re just chilling the beach right now the place, we’re staying is called starlight resort.

And the customer service is probably the worst. I’ve ever receive they’re so rude to other customers like.

I’ve seen three customer fights in the past like 48 hours. And just now another fight broke out because the front desk is just. So rude they started calling someone’s kid an effing asshole.

And then obviously the dad lost it. And then other customers joined in. And the front desk ended up calling all the customers here effing something.

So note to self you want good customer service do not come to starlit resort but other than that, it’s been really nice here. So great pool just checked out of the hotel, we’re going to take a taxi now down to the ferry. And then from the ferry to the mainland.

And then from the mainland to the bus. And the bus to the night train a night train to Bangkok. And then from the terminal in Bangkok we had to take a cab home.

So, we’ve got probably about another 24 hours of traveling maybe well, it’s probably 20 hours but anyways at least a night train you can sleep on it. So it won’t be too bad but this is what transport looks like this is the moment we need to remember this is when our trip hits all-time high having the best time ever crying babies sweating people this is fun onto the ferry. And there’s air conditioning which is awesome because it’s so hot we have no yeah they sold out air-conditioned seats on the train. So we have to take a fan train back tree or not down but at least we have a bed.

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