This is where. I morning start every morning we have just checked out of the Faubourg hotel, and now we’re going to show Kody the old port as well as you guys, and this is probably my favorite part of the entire city basically it’s like going straight to France without being attracted whoops just to go to cart all right. So it’s a much better day than.

I expect the hill pretty overcast. But at least it’s nice, and warm outside, and it’s not raining isn’t that right yeah that’s right what else are become. So sick.

I want one of these really bad. I love longboarding they like to have the power. And So this is the same lava river right over there is the Molson Canadian factory where they make all the beer, and right over there is a theme park not like a Six Flags something.

I think that forth God Abby just left she’s actually just going to meet with another youtuber friend by the name of Jamie, and now it’s just Cody. And I he tried to get away there you are your friend doesn’t even exist does she get away. I have definitely overdressed for the weather like.

I looked outside, and in my mind. I’m in the air-conditioned room. I’m like it’s gonna be somewhat cold outside it’s not is.

So humid. And I’m wearing pants it’s not a good call you could be both yeah well you’re in a different position.

But that’s why we’re the one of the holes yeah at all Bienvenue à La Porte de mogi al you see vous pouvez a shitty lay artwork a t-shirt. I get really excited by these roads like for some reason it just makes me feel like. I’m outside of North America got your halfs jerseys.

So this is the Montreal Canadiens also known as to have a beetle that’s the French translation for like habitants of Montreal, and probably the most valuable hockey franchise Stephen said your little D lab yeah it’s maple syrup got bacon it looks really good actually it is. So good. So that’s poutines like known for being a Canadian thing.

But it’s really actually a Quebec thing like it’s a french-canadian okay. But you’re going to experience it. I guess we’re trying that tonight it lives up to the hype.


I can guarantee it yes the bro date is off to a great start poutine has arrived poutine is very first imma let you take the first bite. I don’t even know what is this stuff on top cheese curds okay Jen’s gravy you really can’t go wrong putting the bomb the tour of old port continues we are feeling a little fuller after some delicious poutine how was it it was. So good yeah right there’s like there’s a good first experience with poutine in Canada yeah definitely.

So I told them we’re gonna find more Canadian snacks nothing’s really coming to mind except for one thing, and that is maple syrup put on a stick what yeah you just eat syrup it’s basically maple syrup. But like in like a harder form, and it’s like a lollipop Canada man yeah we just watched Cody’s blog you’re gonna hear me say it again my man fun fact of Montreal is that Cirque du Soleil actually its roots are from Montreal. And So how it all began was street busker.

I know don’t know you’re an art lover Montreal is your city there’s so much beautiful artwork here in Montreal faceball it’s good yeah it’s look really good in the living room yep right as you wake up becoming the face looking at you. I would describe the city is like a very creative one like.

I think France has that reputation for fashion cuisine music, and it’s really been brought over to Quebec as well Montreal in particular they host one of the largest jazz festivals in the entire world the largest comedy festival in the entire world is also hosted in Montreal. So there’s so many cool vibrant events that make it worth visiting this place Cody tried to recite the Canadian anthem.

But he couldn’t he confuse it with a Christmas tree ass Oh Canada Canada almost we love you Canada this is legalese not Saddam Church it’s right there see it’s a big cross oscillation is still there it’s not here anymore it’s not here anymore okay. So we just found out that this is actually the second version of the note for them the first version as the lady kindly pointed out is this giant well not giant actually it’s quite small this white outline, and apparently the foundations are still in place we’re here to see this yeah Oh. I know mama supportive Ferragamo.

I know don’t know well there you have it there guys this here is Canada’s number one church number one based on what. I don’t really know. But it’s my favorite probably prettiest couple time lapses later, and Cody.

And I are now. I’m gonna go meet with Abby as well as Jamie oh my it’s Jamie Paige beauty oh my gosh. I’m starstruck.

So Jamie’s been like one of our long-term my blog friends never in person. But like this is the funny thing. I’ve never met Cody in person till yesterday haven’t met you in person till today where was the first person.

I ever collab with you oh really that’s really cool Jamie also does like the same Beauty lifestyle fashion all that kind of stuff. But more makeup more makeup yeah not quite your face is all over NYX right my lips are your lips are all over NYX yeah her lips are famous. I made those lips famous tonight that was my joke bang was my joke no it’s my blogs my joke.

I got a new blog kissing your friends where do you see yourself in five years this is it yeah. I’m saying it looks like Grand Central yeah it’s like coffee shop now from Grand Central to Starbucks you got my blog money the rains coming down yeah, and the rain is not good for drones plot twist in this blog yeah oh shut this window you still want to go there uh yeah you feel like shoot stuff from ah yeah. I’m really feeling this moonroof she got us here one piece it’s a miracle all right guys this here is the viewpoint if you look down there there’s a funny structure that is where Expo 67.

I think it was exposed 67 was held in there the expo was basically like the Olympics in the 60s. But now no one really cares about the expo anymore. I don’t think it even is there still expose this is still a thing that’s a thing of the past.

But at the time it was a really big deal, and the city spent way too much money on that Stadium the Olympics were also in Montreal at some point near the Montreal tour-guide. So I’m gonna rely on you the rains back at least two drones not up. I know like.

I was considering for a second. I’m like we can probably take the fair enough now starts raining again mmm that was it all right yeah the weather’s not really gonna permit much more than that okay see you guys there, and we had ourselves a nice little storm here yeah apparently. I mean it’s just everything is just white now’s cloudy 45 minutes later the car is parked we were here 45 minutes ago.

But there’s no parking spots really oh let’s go look down here it spot us out one way so much traffic one way streets on one way streets it was not fun. But we have finally made it this is where Abby.

And I are staying tonight awesome check this dig out this is what we’re staying with corporate States has hooked us up this is awesome. I love this studio look. So the idea behind corporate stays is that people who are corporate working with companies, and they want to come to a location like somewhere like Montreal, and they want to stay here for a week or a month they can stay in these kind of pretty much pre-established apartments instead of staying in a hotel, and everything’s like cleaned, and all that.

So this is our dig for the night holding four minutes upload the post came all the way here, and you can even fly the drone fly the drones over. I know it’s a ride. But we support that much.

But at least you got to try it out oh yeah. I’m so glad you brought it yeah.

And I’m pretty sure. I know where my night is ending hi Swiffer oh my gosh really all right let’s make a run well. I’m soaking wet we made it could’ve been worse come in a lot worse you could’ve had a ticket coming on struck by lightning all right.

So this is story time with Cody Cody tell me about like a crazy urban exploring experience that’s one time in New Jersey we’re at an abandoned prison right we get to those prayers, and it’s actually raining like it is now there’s all these holes in the ceilings. So the rain is coming through, and it’s like really spooky. But it’s all these all these prison cells, and it was just known for homeless people.

So the homeless people actually live there, and drug addicts. So they just go, and crash there. So we’re walking through we didn’t think anyone was actually there.

But little did we know we go on to the fourth floor, and we shine our flashlights right now some guys face as he’s sleeping he doesn’t wake up. Because it seemed like there’s also all these needles around. So seemed like he might have been on something.

And So we’re just we just leaving we walk out, and as we’re walking around later he just walks out right past this doesn’t say a single word, and we were just like really spooked out, and later a second guy comes out of nowhere we didn’t even see him he just walks past us, and we’re like man these guys just really must be you know nonchalant about this they just kind of walk it walk in, and out whenever they please yeah. I can’t get myself to go into the situation when I Cody’s next big trips is actually Iceland.

So he’s gonna be heading there probably in a week week Olli yeah really soon. And So he’s actually bringing his electric skateboard he said he wants to like recreate walter mitty yes. I was like.

I love that movie is such a feel-good movie. So he’s gonna go do that taking the drone – that will be an epic shot. So cody has just gotten me to my family dinner.

I’m going in on the sack now he’s going back all the way to New York which is like six hours from here. So you get it like an immigrant couple copies in a van a clay some Red Bull yeah, and then tomorrow you have to go into Rhode Island you said yeah. I might have to go to Rhode Island or New York depending on where our meetings are wicked well it’s been an awesome 24 hours of Cody if you guys haven’t already check out his blog it’s linked down below awesome post piece that will get plans in the future definitely will be sometime together out in your future this is my other cousin this is Mark, and Mark was at Burning Man, and he survived it’s got a lot of good stories barely survived.

I was left sorry he was there he was there for seven days. I was there tell us story. I was there for seven days around oh man.

I was called mangina. I was fairly basically this guy that went on stages, and got naked put his thing between his leg, and started dancing until anybody was like distrusted, and had to leave the dancer. Because of mangina would show up in every party yes.

But a Burning Man was amazing. I would recommend it to anybody. But Kenny leaves you like looking like this hey right now we’re reading high on life’s post about Burning Man you see the movie yeah.

I think would have been the big one looks cooler why don’t get a blog no. I don’t know Julie. I said ready boo hoo boo shoo get out of my ways mother there’s been a casualty things are getting Messier drinks been dropped on the ground.

So this is my aunt’s place painted that painted that. I’ve got one of these right above my bed it’s actually like my favorite painting yeah, and in our hallway when you walk upstairs into our house we have something similar to this for the next tapestry jean-luc her boyfriend look what he made it’s a way of jolly you meet da zenpuku oh yeah right what do you think you know Jeff a note says it’s a cool you’ll need to relook at all we just got an uber ride. And I Mercedes.

I’m sorry taxi you guys don’t stand a chance sadly the night is not ending there well this is our place for the night. I really cannot complain huge shout out to corporate stage for letting us stay here tonight it’s gonna be a very corporate say that was really lame it is our last night here in Montreal, and it has been a blast. I love this place, and we’re gonna have another day here tomorrow.

So look forward to sharing that with you, and we’ll see that have a good night guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow it’s like ridiculously fast.

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