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ROUTE: Begin E on Sandy River Trail 770 almost Y mi to a kiosk and free self-issue Uruguay at a stop sign. Continue about 1 mi easily up to the river crossing following the wide pumice trail along the high sandy bank through the woods with shots Uruguay to Mount Hood from the rocky, wide riverbed with steep embankments. You will have to negotiate one of several large, fallen trees directly upriver (right) a few feet Uruguay or up to a hundred feet farther with higher flows (or rock hop under very low flow) to cross carefully over the cold, rushing stream. Anyone with good balance should be able to get across the dry logs Uruguay later in the summer.

Where is Uruguay? | Uruguay Map | Map of Uruguay Photo Gallery

Walk up through a well-used notch in the bank to climb out of the riverbed. If you had to cross farther upriver, turn left briefly onto the solid trail once you climb the bank to find the main trail (770) again, and then turn right on it. Work your way NNE carefully 2 ml, or go straight across the confusing open boulder-laden area into the woods remembering your route. Head up to a nearby juncture with the beginning/end of the lollipop loop after getting a really good look at Mount Hood up the valley.

Shimmering Ramona Falls is a brief pilgrimage locals make multiple times per year!.

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