And we have just arrived here in Nara where the deer run free we had to take like a half an hour 45 minutes bus train to get here sorry. I’m not fully in it last night was we went hard last night anyways we are here oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh it is. So calm that’s.

So funny. So there’s literally like a pack of deer just waiting for someone to buy biscuits. So biscuits are a dollar fifty, and apparently someone bought hot stuff, and they all teamed up, and like Pinder against the tree, and stole the biscuits.

So they’re pretty aggressive hello here he goes he’s leading the pack the alpha male. I want to see him get rekt hello good sir. I wish.

I had food for you instead of just those scratches. I have a cracker are you yep some pair of you a little bit for you oh my god hey that’s my shirt man oh my gosh you beautiful animal little baby Bambi Bambi there’s hundreds of them here. I’m sure oh my gosh it’s.

So hot all right guys we’re doing a social experiment here about some cheese rings which is basically they’re basically like Cheetos, and we’re gonna see how the D reacts when I show them a bank he’s already cited the bag like Cheetos sit sit. I’m gonna teach him tricks.

DO DEER LIKE CHEETOS Nara Japan Photo Gallery

I’m gonna put it on his antler, and then all of his friends will attack him did you not eat it come on. And I bought two bags of Cheetos don’t make me eat them we literally bought two bags of something they don’t even want how did we manage that come on dude no even the pigeon won’t eat it. So not even the animals eat Cheetos, and yet you still eat Cheetos how does that make you feel people it’s really cool you see that the animals actually do a little bow before you feed them you like that finally.

DO DEER LIKE CHEETOS Nara Japan Photo Gallery

I found one someone that will eat my Cheetos yes thank you that’s so funny they do a little bow bow a little bow please do a bow okay thank you yeah lo one for you it wasn’t sure whether it wanted her, and honor first is like. I’m not sure about this whoa.

So this is a big Museum here in Nara, and we’re walking towards the actual part where. We’ve heard that you show food basically you get chased, and hunted down by deer. I’m really hoping for that.

So far the deer take my Cheetos if. I feed them by hand or if. I just throw out their feet they don’t show any interest.

So I found a few followers few friends. But hoping for more everyone’s just relaxing in the shade here it’s a pretty hot day time to mix things up a bit come on guy, and the Cheetos you’ll like it. I swear freak huh maybe have to get a little closer to get their attention oh alright now.

I got some attention yeah he’s like, I’ll give it a shot yeah you like it no one for your friend one for your friend no just one for your friend hold wait your turn yeah it’s cheeto the other ones still aren’t sure they want it yeah bow bow down bow down no a better bow deeper thank you go off you’re being surrounded come on try it out guys. I swear you’ll love it don’t wave yourself on me Oh hit me. I’m starting to grow following you look like you’ve seen rough times or this one’s the biggest one he’s greediest – come on guys okay guys oh my gosh who wants cheetos cheetos for everyone this one takes all.

I got. I just put a cheeto on it wait till friends notice there’s literally deer everywhere it’s crazy, and behind us a little park with my friends here do a little bell okay thank you we don’t know if it’s like coincidental they bow or whether it’s been learned. But most likely just coincidental that they bow here in Japan.

But they’re very very very kind dear okay bow down thank you some of the deer like she does more than others, and this is Timothy Timothy loves Cheetos you just made this friend bow down careful the antlers that was really rude hey it’s beautiful as we learned in Tokyo every Shinto shrine has two guardians to guard the temple there’s another one there. I say this is probably the biggest shrine. I’ve seen yet $5 you get to be a little bit closer to this temple over there.

But we’ll stay outside the gate we’re just walking through the forest here heading towards the other shrine here in nara, and then after that we’re gonna head back do some shopping. I want to grab some souvenirs for family members friends basically my last little shopping before. I go back to Canada.

So it’s been an awesome trip. I am. So excited to go home, and get a double-double in Tim Hortons which is coffee if you don’t know okay we’re lost most of Japan’s been quite cool it’s never been too hot.

But oh my gosh it’s so humid here right now. I’m just like drenched in my own sweat.

So beautiful mark, and Kevin getting stamps every temple he goes usually about this book for three dollars you have about three dollars you can get yeah someone in the temple to basically do the handwriting, and the traditional temple signature. So it’s really cool.

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