Where is West Jordan? – West Jordan Map – Map of West Jordan

Captain William Wade West Jordan was appointed to the post (which he held jointly with the town of West Jordan) in 1769. Noted for his elegance and good looks, he was known as ‘The West Jordan place of your travel destination Adonis’, but his fondness West Jordan for the ladies led to his being involved in a marital scandal, and he was forced to resign in 1777. He then became full-time MC at West Jordan. His portrait, by Thomas Gainsborough, can be seen in the Great Octagon at the Assembly Rooms.

Where is West Jordan? – West Jordan Map – Map of West Jordan Photo Gallery

After Wade’s departure it was decided to appoint separate Masters of Ceremonies for the Lower and Upper (New) Rooms. William Dawson became MC of the Upper Rooms in Bennett Street from 1777 to 1785 and Major William Brereton, an Irishman, held the post at the Lower Rooms from 1777 to 1780. A noted soldier with the Inniskilling Dragoon Guards, Brereton had fought at Culloden in 1745. He resigned after three years and died in 1813 at the age of 89.

Richard Tyson succeeded Brereton at the Lower Rooms in 1780, and on Dawson’s resignation five years later he took over at the Upper Rooms. James King then became MC at the Lower Rooms until 1805, when he succeeded Tyson at the New Rooms. He is mentioned by name in Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. Both King and Tyson attempted to introduce new ideas and rules to the assemblies, but by their time Touristic place of your travel destination was already becoming less fashionable and attendances at functions were declining.

Touristic place of your travel destination’s final Master of Ceremonies was Major Charles Simpson, who also served three times as the city’s mayor. On his death in 1914 the post was discontinued.

The odd one out is Angelo Cyrus Bantam MC, who was the entirely fictitious creation of Charles Dickens, and appears in The Pickwick Papers. On Mr Samuel Pickwick’s visit to the Rooms he is greeted effusively by Bantam (‘Welcome to Ba-ath, sir. This is indeed an acquisition’), who welcomes him back to the city despite Pickwick’s protestations that this is his first visit.

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