Hey you guys it is day two here in Colorado with GoPro.

I got all my GoPro swag right now. I’m just heading to the breakfast lunch. I’m gonna meet up with everyone.

I am feeling great after getting much-needed sleep let’s do it alright guys. So this is loci Loki Loki Loki he’s got a million followers you’re famous he’s famous, and he doesn’t even know it. So Loki is husky a wolf, and a Malamute, and this is what you get most beautiful dog guys I’d like to give you an introduction to the GoPro Japan ambassadors this is heat on, and you me, and they do lots of Instagram photos funded kid yes okay kid Teton has the camel case.

Because she’s a she’s an avid hunter she loves to hunt caribou yeah the Sam Evans he’s like the my blog specialist like if you guys check out his stuff you can make anything interesting cuz he’s just such a talented, and iographer yeah thank you now you’ve got a title to live up to. So oh you guys need to check it out. We’ve got all the gear got the floaties which will be essential for today.

I can see someone’s GoPro going in that influencer training let’s do it. I’m most interested in is right here oh yeah. I have never had a here for black.

So this is my first ever start shooting some slow-motion some 4k guys christmas came early. So we got the hero4 black we got this remote. So now.

I have two remotes. I don’t know what, I’ll do with it. I got oh they give us two batteries in this thing – we got the dual charger super handy we got the frame which was my go-to accessory when.


I was blogging with a GoPro this allows you to get the best audio is instructions yeah yeah what do we need that for who do you think we are come on jump to the dune starting. So it’s that. So ridiculous are those actually the prizes these are math books oh the way that beautiful cancer is by posting on social to the best photo the best post, and the highest engagement rate it spends the first couple of hours in the morning doing like an orientation we ran through like all the basics of using the GoPro as well as the advanced settings.

So like how the social media teams here program their GoPros basically the details of protune which allows you to get like the uncompromised post quality we are off. I’m going to be blogging for the rest of the day here on my GoPro booty. I got my wetsuit about 10 degrees too hot right now, and cluster phobic space everyone’s got their paddles lifejacket GoPros are everywhere welcome to Whiskey Creek, and this is where we will going down full throttle putting our GoPros on the line.

I’m guaranteeing you someone’s going to lose the GoPro today. So. Because it’s June it’s actually one of the peak times to come river rafting the water is at some of its fastest, and apparently this is going to be about an hour, and a half to two hours to get down look how fast the water is moving sigh what is so hurry now you ready to get wet always while you we need some of the drumset yeah setting the beat you level 3, and level 4 Rapids no one fella, and we got cops we got you bravely navigated us through these dangerous waters Pura Vida would have either for Evita yes what is praveen mean pewter like your life. I quit in my pants yeah comet ah that’s what it’s about here wouldn’t be done positive vibrations ricky time yeah Cheers alright guys we’re just back at the hotel now. I’m gonna head to the room get showered, and start editing.

Because there’s not a whole lot of free time here. And I have somehow figure out a daily blog make GoPro posts, and all that we actually have an ongoing little competition where they’re going to select three different winners for MacBook Pros which of course that’s a pretty sick prize one of the winners will be like based on engagement one will be best photo as voted by. I don’t know who, and best post.

So there’s a famous dog okay we’re just about to head out we have a shuttle set up. So we’re going to dinner they have reservations for us somewhere. And I think it’s jet lag that’s kicking in.

Because I literally have like a bloodshot eye like. I look like. I’ve been smoking weed which is quite possible because.

I’m here in Colorado but. I’m just exhausted like. I cannot keep my eyes open.

I think. I need another night of sleep having a jam session, and the music’s coming from in there okay put that one in the blog someone took the dirty car that’s. So cool had to get some dyndns sup crew put your dog in my post hello dog you’re in on my post.

So you guys have to do something really cool like spins or jumps yeah this is slow motion that’s gone maybe the fan of the day yay.

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