Piece up to the room guys we are now leaving the gili Ocean Club. We’ve stayed here for 4 nights you’re coming to gili t.

I highly recommend you check this place out time for us to unfortunately call an end to our gili t time, and head back to Bali well. I was a very unpleasant start to the day guys we made it though we always do. I love the place.

I really you it’s expensive it’s beautiful you should definitely check it out put aside a little bit more money than you would do if you’re a back rest of Asia hours later we’re back Holly all right lady was balancing stuff on her head. And I just bought these. So I didn’t really blog this morning.

Because this morning was a gong show just not at all fun experience basically we had had like a really good night out we were out till about 4:00 in the morning like playing the guitar on the beach like. I literally fell asleep using my flip-flops as a pillow, and listening to Adam The Canadian guy we met play the guitar was. So peaceful.

But then this morning we woke up at like 10:00 had to like rush to the ferry like literally lugging around our super heavy 50-pound luggages around the island, and like there’s no good road. So you’re dragging it through the mud, and the dirt it’s a good workout, and then we get to the port, and our boats not there, and we’re like freaking out thinking we may have missed it turns out the boat broke. And So we had to get another company.


I was like a very typical backpacking Southeast Asia moment right now we’re having a bit of a throwback to the days when we were very budget-conscious we just got a ten-dollar place here this is kind of what you can expect they just decided to leave out some beer bottles some cigarette buds music ya know. So, and there’s no twelve ever looks like being on top he goes towel smells good this is the room lights it’s fine smells pretty weird in here sounds weird. I just want to say this is why we paid $10 the shower we want a shower before she goes back to Canada, and I.

I’m going somewhere else. I can’t tell you where if you’re like 18 times better right now that shower was. So needed this guy pretty gloomy definitely gonna be raining in a few minutes here.

So let’s try to get some shopping done yeah we’re about to get strenght. And So we’re gonna try to wade out these clouds yeah. I think.

So like it’s about to rain really hard we need this breakfast for dinner. So you can hear it on the roof the rain is coming down real hard right now, and we’re just enjoying some breakfast for dinner how is it yeah how does a good breakfast that’s why we’re inside right now all right. So guys the sun’s like trying to break its way through like the sky is a really weird purple yellow color with overcast wow.

So pretty all right guys the sky is lit look at that the sky is just like a weird mole orange color right now. We’ve only got like an hour, and a half of shopping ahead of us we got a hurry up we got to find her stuff, and from there we’re heading to the airport we just paid for a hotel room that. I could theoretically sleep overnight, and.

But the problem is. I would be one day over my 30 day visa. And I don’t want to deal with any hassles.

I’ve heard of some nightmare stories in places like Thailand like the Philippines where basically you get to the airport, and all of a sudden they’re like hey you’re over your visa limit give me like a thousand dollars you know like it can get really bad. So for that reason. I’m just going to go to the airport, and just hang out for like 12 hours by the way guys this is a pro tip in Asia they give you your money, and then they give you your card, and this is a problem.

Because often people forget their card including myself. I already lost one of my debit cards while. I’m here for that same reason.

I took the money, and then. I totally forgot to get my card whereas in North America they give you your card back, and then they give you the money which makes more sense. Because you’re waiting for the money, and you forget about your card get it together agent just got a bag of five shares like some of them knockoff Nike some of them just like kind of just unique distinct style.

And I paid 50,000 per piece which is five dollars Canadian a shirt more like three, and a half us for some really you know decent quality. I don’t think it’ll last forever. But while it does last it looks pretty fly oh that’s paul ii was 150.

So how much for treason what. I wanted well the deal we made oh my gosh she’s getting worked she’s getting work -. I paid.

I paid 130 for hours okay a deal has been struck shake on it everyone everyone check on it to the void contract vendor negotiations are not for the faint of heart got to be able to say no you got to be able to walk. Because at the end of the day everyone is selling the exact same you can literally get it anywhere. But if you find the right person you make that special connection you can strike up the right deals even you can do it notices for my brother nine size nine for the easies yeah yeah how much what – oh yeah – shoes he’s got two feet we just came to a deal three hundred you trying to get me up right now you’re trying to be three just two dollar nice hundred yes ah boyfriend yes hello darkness my old friend.

I need to have Abby holding the camera when I’m doing negotiation the things they will say are just. So hilarious like we said 300.

I said okay, and then it was finally time to passing the shootings like okay 350. I’m like we said 300 he’s like brother brother good price we go 350. And I’m like no like we said 300, and they’re like okay okay 320 you $2 extra right no more we got the shoes for about 30 Canadian 25 US.

And I know Milo brother we pretty excited about that or should. I say easy pumped alright. So we’re gonna try some fresh yogurt guys.

So this was like way more expensive than my meal today. But is it good it is good yeah. So guys you can put your feet in here, and these guys eat your dead skin it’s horrible.

I’ve done it before once was enough. But we’re getting a foot massage you ready for this here we send your body massages yeah this is a good way to end Bali, and this 80,000. So like five US dollars for an hour that was like the longest hour of my life like talk about bang for your buck probably not a good reference to use when coming from a massage parlor.

But amazing value. I had a man massage me, And I I’m happy.

I got a man you know he had really strong hands. I was needing that. I do regret getting yoghurt though.

I was feeling it myself. I ate enough yogurt that. I was actually that brings me to a question.

So underpass like. We’ve been asked a few times like how do you guys stay in shape while traveling, and the honest truth is you’re doing a lot of walking like right now. I’m carrying around my backpack all day dragging along luggage like always on the move.

So we’re walking a lot that’s probably the number one source of calorie burning. I sweat a lot. So I think you’re probably metabolisms going a bit faster anyways.

But you can’t work out like. I really take my hat off to those people who manage to do it. But with the heat with a schedule of being a backpacker like you are constantly on the move if you have a bigger budget, and you’re staying at nicer hotels sometimes they have nice gyms in that case you can make it happen.

But even then like your energy levels are pretty low. So in short. I wish.

I had like a secret sauce formula where. I was like that. I eat 15 eggplant today.

And I just stay skinny left not true like. I there’s no secret formula we eat a lot of bad food Abby. And I do have relatively high metabolisms especially her.

So yeah. And I I don’t know. I just like.

I work out while. I’m not traveling a lot. I try to go find it in the week, and when.

I am traveling. I just try to eat reasonably well like. I’m going to eat a lot of deep fried food that’s just the nature of Southeast Asia but.

I try not to get stuff like drinks with dinner. I just drink water Abby doesn’t do that as much as. I do but.

I like to just drink water. Because for me. I get satisfied by eating bad food rather than the drinks Oh well guys this is it we are here at the Bali International Airport are you ready to go home hello darkness my own guys.

I just posted a very lit foot oh here on Instagram if you’re reading this go comment or are on this photo at loss LeBlanc where are you going he’ll say it like that you’re going to see x-men x-men 16 ever layover in x-man you’re gonna see The Wolverine. But yeah she’s there for 16 hours all. And I’m going somewhere else where the location is not yet to be disclosed when they heard Abby was VIP status they sent the whole crew the best check-in you’ve ever received do we do once for snapchat, and now we go do one more time Oh darkness smiles.

So I was worried this would happen basically. I can’t check in my luggage until three hours before my flight, and my flights not until 7:00 in the morning, I’ll be over here for like four hours. So I’m just gonna find a restaurant get some food, and just work through the night this is where.

I’ve been for about the past four, and a half hours now. I have not slept. I’ve not done anything.

But type of way all this computer. I got so much done oh my gosh.

I’m. So happy with myself right now. I put together a really nice write-up on the elephant project that.

I did if you guys have not seen the black tusk blogs like there’s some of my best. And I’m so proud of them.

And I wanted to put together a nice write-up on the BuzzFeed website. So that there’s a chance that BuzzFeed sees it that it goes viral, and reaches people that. I wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach the project is something.

So much greater than myself it truly is a very powerful cause. And I needed to reach millions of people in order to be effective. And So I’m putting a lot of hope that the black tusk project the actual documentary that will go live in about a month.

I’m hoping that that will do its own thing, and reach millions of people but I want to get a bit of you know pre-emptive hype going before releasing it. And I’m also using a website called imager.

So I just put together a full-on right up here on imager yeah you can see is a lot of work to put that all together like. I wrote a bunch, and how these systems work is like you basically have like a time frame to get a lot of points like if people start giving you the thumbs that kind of thing, and you make it high enough you’ll get boosted to the front page, and once against the front page then it can get picked up by other news companies that’s what happened to me when the Elfi occurred it went to the front page, and it actually made a huge difference. So that’s what.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for right now between BuzzFeed, and imager one of the two we’ll take off guys it is currently 5:00 in the morning. So I’ve got another two hours till my flight is actually taking off but. I’m gonna get back right now, and get ready to board my flight all right mind.

I’m going to end the blog here. I can’t tell you what year where we’re going tomorrow. But it’s going to be great let’s get pitted again tomorrow night’s the later part of the day Oh Oh.

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