Hey from nashville tennessee good morning guys from nashville tennessee not Tenace be christian, and I did the unthinkable this morning. I’m proud of myself guys check out that beautiful skyline right there we actually just came from Memphis, and if you saw the blog we’re partnered with greyhound greyhound sent us to Memphis then we took the greyhound about four hours to get here late last night you checked in.

We’ve loaded our stuff below the greyhound, and we’re ready to go to the next city today is gonna be a really nice day to go explore Nashville it’s a Abby would you get that looks. So good this is hot chicken, and waffles. So this is like one of the coin breakfast items here at the Omni Nashville hotel, I’ll let you know how it is a breakfast.

I’ve never had in my entire life like tender chicken with waffles blew my mind it was a dream. I’m serious. I’m gonna go home.

And I don’t know where. I could get anything like that which is really disappointing. So if there’s a chicken, and waffles startup in Vancouver it’s gonna be me we literally don’t even have to leave the hotel it’s actually connected to the Country Music Hall of Fame oh my gosh Taylor’s dress is here she must be naked inside let’s go kind of funny.

And I pretty sure Taylor turn 27 yesterday. So Taylor if you’re reading happy birthday from Christian the Taylor Swift Education Center. I guess it’s just me myself, and all my millions whereas the Nicki Minaj exhibit this is the.


I started first hailer. I don’t want you to hear this stay out of it I surfers now. I don’t know about you but.

I’m having a rootin tootin good time how about you well it was just a quick visit one of the things. I took from it was that actually people like Taylor Swift Brad Paisley like there’s all sorts of big exhibits on massive country artists, and a lot of them don’t actually come from Nashville they moved to Nashville. Because Nashville is such a musical hub.

And So they can obviously you know be part of a really thriving music scene they can be around other artists. And So yeah a lot of people gravitate to this scene he’s always liked country music what. I definitely a lot more he grew on me definitely speaking of Smashing smash that like button guys hit that let’s get it up to a thousand likes on this post let’s try a million likes on this post thank you the other side it look like the Eiffel Tower.

But like then it’s like no it’s not this has been national tours this Christian album connect your name dinner, and some drinks. So tons of honky tonks are just lying down the street. I got some questions for you Buster showed up at your house yesterday, and you weren’t even there shake my head won’t even respond sometimes it’s just best to cut those kind of people out of your lives Wednesday it’s 12 o’clock, and they already have live music playing like you can hear the country going inside.

So cool honky tonk honky tonk look at that guys you see right in there oh she don’t understand him she does the best that she hardy woman help me call the animal services help tell Santa. I won’t be home this year Johnny Cash basically started off as a three person band him, and two mechanics basically got together as amateur the Tennessee two is plus Johnny Cash’s eventually Johnny Cash went on to do his solo career little piece of American history here for you folks all crossroads lead to the gift shop, and check this out this is the most ridiculous of all souvenir shop things. I’ve seen it’s a pet waste bag basically there’s a little poo bag.

So you can clip it on your belt go walking. But still be stylish. Because you got a cash poo bag guys look, and they sell some of Johnny Cash two signed albums they’re also for ten thousand dollars selling one of his original art pieces apparently he drew that.

So right across the street from the Johnny Cash Museum. I don’t know what it is. I do it it’s kids googoo Tennessee based this right here now oh.

I got a try one yeah they made fresh Louie over there they’re made fresh. I have a homemade when they make in here yeah it comes from standard candy in a little pissant town okay sorry guys. I bought one here we go well the things you gotta give me a second processing love like peanuts, and marshmallow, and deliciousness whoa we heard about this hey some people just get lit up on this thing basically you’re allowed to drink on there, and it’s a moving bar we were told that this is an awesome place to be especially in the summer like very much an open concept kind of place like people playing music onto the street oh my gosh she’s.

So cold that building right there you can see two little ears looking things to call the batman building somebody needs to get us home. We’ve been eating way too much good food like. I’m gonna come back like a Porky Pig ready for hibernation but.

I guess it is Christmas, and put on the Christmas sweater just kind of like lay on the couch. So now we’re gonna show you guys one of the attractions here in Nashville that all the locals don’t really know about it which is really odd. Because it’s so iconic, and recognizable we kind of set it to them Pantheon they’re like what half the people we talked to didn’t know was or what it was guys without further ado. I give you right behind me there is the Parthenon, and it’s an exact replica of what you’d see in Greece it’s really cold it’s so cold outside that the trees are putting on scarves Abby, and that one has a toque on action.

I found more carboy how you go inside I’d lick my lips it’s colder than it probably is at home right now. But we’re leaving the Parthenon. I do recommend this cell for Instagram Bulls over the hole we’re gonna finish off for a night finish off our entire Tennessee trip here we’re gonna go to the honky Tonk okay 23 degrees Fahrenheit for the Americans, and it’s -5 degrees Celsius the honky tonk badonkadonk, and guys we are now on Broadway Street no way tater tots grilled cheese chicken, and fries this is the end of the Tennessee blogs, and it’s been a total pleasure travel it’s been a serious pleasure hanging out here in Tennessee.

So much good food so much good music, and thank you to Greyhound for having us here. Because we wouldn’t have seen it otherwise it was really cool to see how easy it is to get from city to city using greyhound we’re gonna end up the Tennessee blogs here it has been a serious pleasure.

I feel like everyone’s been. So friendly in. So nice such a good time.

So much good food so much good music, and Nashville yeah at the post oh my god a post. I appreciate that yeah guys let’s get lost again tomorrow tell mrs.


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