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Hey from the fantasy suites here at the new hotel our Netta in manila it’s a super overcast day probably going to be raining we’re actually now entering the rainy season here now this June in the Philippines. And So today we actually go to Palau in, and there are some high chances of lots of rain we’re going to el nido we’re going to Quran which is some of the world’s most beautiful islands, and if it’s just rainy well then we won’t get to experience it to its full potential fingers crossed the weather will work out last night we got home at like 4:30. Because we went to the my blog after-party on chaos, and it was just.

So much fun like we really got to know a few the youtubers one on one, and this is what we came back to. I’m just sitting on the ground it’s a towel crocodile comment down below to name him we also came back to what was a nice assortment of strawberries chocolates, and other little goodies. But that’s gone now they also gave us stress balls.

Because life is. So stressful here at the Novotel. We’ve packed up Lauren how’s your Steven thing packed, and ready to go this has been the most spectacular hotel experience.

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I’ve ever had like. I really can’t think of any way they could have talked it the Novotel in Araneta manila is amazing if you guys are coming out this way it’s a four-star hotel that acts like it’s a five-star even a six-star hotel amazing service amazing food, and now i’m gonna go get some breakfast slash lunch downstairs out there buffet morning hi guys. I’ve got my selection of Indian food.

I think. I’m gonna do. So sorry again those.

So you making the waffle cones significant other some oven-roasted cheetah carrot soup beef stew, and different kinds of right goodbye novotel thank you for the best day of my life ok this is the lineup to get into the airport this lineup is rageous the kind of running close first flight not backless dress though that. I’ve laid out here for. So long excuse me sir the check-in that’s not cut the line sir please there’s a lineup okay.

So once again we’re flying Philippine Airlines. But funny story. I went to check in our bags, and the ladies like.

I remember you because. I’ve been at that counter there with Ronnie, and Ronnie if you guys haven’t seen older blocks he’s the guy with drone heroes when we went to dumaguete for the lady recognized us, and she’s like oh. I follow you on Instagram now, and she took care of us she this up she’s giving us the exit, I’ll see ya she’d give us priority to doubt up in the bag.

So huge shout-out to you. I didn’t catch your name ma’am ma’am. I’m gonna need to wait you before you get on the plane there’s like four finches in here Manila Airport Asians get it it’s only like an hour’s place to get support consistent, and we’ll be spending the night there let’s do it yeah how you doing with all that legroom what do you do with yourself play footsies this guy Cheers guys look at those clouds they’re.

So dramatic just like Abby welcome to the world’s number one island blue palawan yes thank you sir, and we’re off to blue palawan resort loving spending one night there. Because in the morning we’re gonna head north we’re gonna go all the way to El Nido, and that’s about a four to five hours shuttle to get there, and it’s pretty rough roads little city yeah Tony’s hair salon lucky horse ticketing services we have arrived at Balu palawan allowing eleven what the heck that is awesome like the biggest dunebuggy gold machine ever oh this is lovely how are you some blue drinks or a blue the shame our flight got delayed by an hour. Because we have missed the best sunlight.

But we’ll see that in the morning this place is really nice thank you so much have a good night. So guys here we are this is another incredible hotel room it’s nice, and open double sink there’s even two showers.

I’ve never seen two showers before have you ever seen that you everyone a shower the friend this is the place to come let’s go explore the resort these are so cute these are so cute you’re.

So cute no you’re cuter. I am cute what’s going on take it see UFO you guys UFOs are real. I just a speck each.

I he’s like. I think it’s just for kids have anything okay we’ll let you. So hopefully.

I don’t break this whole system one small step for man. I’m gonna make you proud Lord. I had a lot more speed than the kids.

I was like going move until towards the end. But luckily he grabbed on the rope to stop me from hitting go Lord go. I think this is why it’s meant for kids.

I’m not even getting a read on how long it takes to upload the post. So I’m gonna go walk to the lobby hope for a miracle. I need this post up tonight like.

I need it up otherwise, I’ll be missing out on. So many views didn’t manage to get my post uploaded but I did manage to get about five to ten mosquito bites.

So there’s that the download speed here is okay. So you can like watch posts on my blog, and browse a little bit. But it’s the upload speed is just like some of the worst.

I’ve ever seen. Because it’s not even giving me an upload time. I just don’t think it’s even gonna be possible to upload here.

So our still no internet dying losing signs of life my computer’s been uploading the post for like maybe an hour now. I think it just hit like 1%. So that’s encouraging.

Because progress is good okay one in the morning. And I’m just driving myself mad luckily. I’ve got a stress ball anyways that’s the end of the night guys.

I’m going to bed, and tomorrow morning. I’m gonna go find a coffee shop or something that will allow me to upload my post. Because I need to get that done before we go to El Nido do you mean that have a good night you guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow thirty thousand feet up doing shots shots shots shots shots.

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