Las Vegas Top Things To Do Travel Guide

Welcome to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. You’ve got great shows, great food, tons of shopping, tons of casinos. And there’s so much to see and do off of The Strip. You ready for this. You bet. Vegas is like no other place on the planet. I love cruising on The Strip, just staring at all the amazing buildings. There’s so many shows in Vegas. You can see a show every single night. Let’s go. OK, I’m ready to ride. Driving a dune buggy through the sand dunes is such an adventure. You really feel you’re alive. Flying in a fighter jet, it’s so thrilling. Whew hew hew! Oh my God. That’s a long way down. The Hoover Dam is another major landmark, and it really is a wonder how people created such a magnificent piece of architecture.

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Now I’m flying in the Hoover Dam, and there’s me. Then we’re coming up on the Grand Canyon. You don’t think it can get better, and then suddenly you’re landing and having champagne and a picnic surrounded by all this beauty. It’s such a dream come true. I’m the King of the World! Whether you’re exploring by helicopter or a plane or a boat, it’s exciting all around. There’s never really a dull moment at the Grand Canyon. White water rafting on the Colorado River is so much fun. Up outta the raft we found an amazing waterfall inside of a tree. Travertine Falls is the best. I’m soaking wet. Tonight we’re experiencing Vegas in style with our very own limo. Let’s go. The Strip is totally lit up. Yeah, let’s get the party going, shall we? Here we go, here we go . Whew! Whoa! Ah. This place is bigger and brighter than I could have ever imagined. Yes, Vegas is all about spectacle. It’s a total sensory overload. There’s such a bad spirit here. I love it.
Fashion. Alas, we are nearing the end of our journey. Thank you so much for joining us on this tour in 2155, in many ways the future of people, character and there is truly one vision. Life’s good. Brought to you by LG. Life’s good.

Las Vegas Weddings

Vegas is the wedding capital of the world. People come from all over to tie the knot at a chapel like this one. There’s so many different ways to make your Vegas wedding special. The chapel, a limo, photographer, reverend, even Elvis. It’s Vegas. You can have whatever you want. Love her tender, love her sweet, never let you go. Couples come from all over the world to get married, and some couples, like this one, renew their vows. And all those little things that bring the wedding together, like bouquets and corsages, to tuxedos and gowns, you can get right here at the chapel. One more time! Well, I’ve certainly never seen anything quite like that. Where else can you find a wedding so entertaining? Thanks to Vegas, another couple is ready to live happily ever after.

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