Post is uploading, and we’re off to grab some breakfast check it out Oh freaky maybe it was a girl we’re off to catch our own breakfast. I’m gonna get some of the river river fish good morning to the little turtles not afraid of the boat yeah there’s one turtle that never gets off let’s go get some breakfast the most important meal of the day like 100 meters away from where we hit the rocks yesterday Katie was driving the boat, and all the sounds like dude right over there my second most popular youtube post is the one we filmed here with the GoPro, and that thumbnail was shot right there on that dock on the deke at the end of the Big D here rope that d-cup you’re not every bad thing look at that very know then you do figure eight the action are you doing yeah my dad taught me when was the college that’ll do donkey welcome to give ik call me too yo mother was at no.

I just dropped my shoe in the friggin river. I got it it’s full of water my beautiful white vans what will. I ever do with them all wet check out this beach guys who woulda thunk the Ottawa would have such nice, and my first year he is a French royalty in he owns this entire land all his province of Quebec sold my father owes zlil on territoire he built this claw Oh si si la cabaña souk demo para jockey fell ill.


So Lucy hold Arab hace para Canada just kidding separation from Canada. I actually an ongoing topic in the Quebec politics, and every year they try to pass a vote to get Quebec being the province were in at the moment to separate from the rest of Canada, and it’s been an issue basically since the inception of Canada becoming a country. Because French people left France colonized same with the English, and there was always a bit of a competition between France, and England to fight for this territory at the end of the day England did win took over Canada.

But there was still a large French population to this day there’s a bit of a clash between cultures, and between languages even though Canada is a French, and English country everything legally must be French in English the English people don’t want Quebec to separate, and most of the québécois people don’t want to separate it is still a minority. But there is a significant amount of québécois people in this province who still think it’s best to separate from Canada that has been a Canadian history lesson for those of you who are still reading good Anya another fun Canadian fact is that the Americans tried to invade, and take Canada as their own. But a bunch of Canadian farmers fought them off, and that’s why we still have our country yep this here is Pine Lodge this is where we’re coming for breakfast we come here every year normally around like lunch or dinner, and they have the meanest cookie skillet it’s.

So good they serve you this massive cookie like a nice warm chocolate chip cookie, and then they put a massive scoop of ice cream on top of it it’s so good it’s also a golf course a white cushion shirt they did bring enough t-shirts dad you want to say anything to the blog this is my dad hello Peter no you know well are you talking to the blog. So we sorted six Caesars what times that.

I’ve seen 11 nay on a per Caesar person sidewalk summer 5 o’clock somewhere awesome delicious breakfast time to head back to Ontario look what. I just found you guys to Canadian Maple Leaf this there’s not a single red tree around where did this come from it’s kind of a sad looking me believe really proud of this stuff believe me believe me believe it’s all three Turtles we jumped off the platform. But you can see all three of their little heads poking out sniffing for snitches there’s a head right there check.

I do is extremely peaceful out here Abby. And I took the boat out mark Katie, and squad are currently at the gym for the blog we’re gonna pretend she’s at the gym anyways everyone is currently out do another thing. So we took the boat oh we’re going to fly the drone there’s been a bit of a slower blog.

So what. I want to do is. I want to talk about subject a lot of people want to hear about, and that is my blog money q.

So uncle my blog money okay the tubes been a really amazing tool for the both of us. We’ve been able to finance travels. We’ve been able to experience really cool things.

And We’ve been able to make some money while doing that there’s a few ways you can make money on my blog the first way is through number one the first way is through Adsense if you get a million views on my blog. I think the mathematics is generally about twelve hundred US dollars is the metric that you’ll find online, and it will vary from person to person if you have a Filipino view it will be worth less than American view the reason being American advertisers spend a whole lot more money per person on advertising than they would in the Philippines second way freelance work. So this might not pertain to everyone.

But especially from my angle where. I’ve been able to develop a skill which is editing, and creating posts. I’ve actually been contacted by companies to create posts for their own internal use.

So not even being put on my blogs, and that’s been a really nice way to help cover some cost while traveling it only started happening once my post production level got up to a certain level when I was creating posts with my GoPro no sane person would have ever paid me money to make an internal post for them my blog is literally how I learned to edit.

I think Abby as well we’re pretty much self-taught through Final Cut Pro tutorials on my blog, and just about everything can be learned there third way is working with brands, and that can come in all sorts of different shapes, and for example one that. I’ve not done yet but. I’m aiming for is working with the Tourism Board.

I would love to work with the Tourism Board where essentially. I have my travel expenses covered. I’m able to show off their country the good things, and the bad things.

And I’m able to make a little bit of money while doing that another brand example would be like when I included a travel app in one of my posts by doing a 60-second mention. I was given X amount of money, and that’s often a way that a lot of youtubers will make money forth way, and this one hasn’t happened to Abby or.

I might actually happen to being invited to be a guest speaker at event you can be invited as a expert on a subject. So I’m actually going out to a certain country in December. And I’m going to be speaking on a panel because.

I’m a so-called expert on travel blogging. And I’m not actually being paid for this one but I know that there is money that could be made for doing these kind of appearances even if you don’t have a large following huge one five thank you.

I have been very excited with the results that. I’ve had on Amazon affiliate linking it’s another step that. I took that basically had no cost to me.

I mean I just took 15 minutes set up affiliate linking, and just like that. I was able to share my equipment, and people were able to buy the equipment at market value.

And I would be able to get a small kickback from that. And So that’s actually been a really cool fifth way that you can make money through doing social media, and all that jazz six way six you can do merchandise. So that’s something that.

I’ve been working on very slowly to be honest. But merchandise is a great way of doing it if you can find the right manufacturers, and suppliers if you don’t have the right person. And I’ve been in contact with people who.

I think the rates are a little too high basically the margins are so small that it wouldn’t be worth it or you’re charging your subscribers, and fan base way too much money, and some people will pay but. I, and most people would not want to overcharge people for that kind of stuff the seventh way is one that you guys may have been familiar with through a past post that is now privatized, and unlisted.

I try to Pedro, and patreon is a fan funding crowd sourcing kind of platform that allows youtubers to make money by doing what they’re doing without compromising the content look at that beautiful pink sky yeah looks like Mordor it’s like fiery red behind the mountains there stumbled back he’s on fire we are roasting some marshmallows here throwback to the camp days when I was like 13 years old story Oh what kind of story anything stranger oh. I don’t have anything appropriate the blog volcano creepy creeping walkers do at nighttime oh she’s opening a fan of the day is Katie yeah good morning guys except it’s actually been that the blog.

I literally just woke up on that couch. I passed out, and now it’s 5:30 in the morning but I need to get more sleep.

So, I’ll talk to you guys later leave the post big thumbs up if you made it this far, and, I’ll see you guys tomorrow have a good night let’s get lost again today it’s pretty much.

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