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So, you’ve chosen a route, found a good company and even booked all the tickets. All the tourist forums researches, running around shops and asking for tips are over. You are ready for your first real hike! Well, are you really? These are the things that I felt and realized only while hiking.

Every mistake can have big consequences

Usually we go into the wild seeking for peace and tranquility. We don’t want to strain ourselves, think too much and worry about things. But actually, on a hike, every detail has a meaning and won’t be able to relax entirely. I once didn’t take the trouble of looking into a map, got lost and made a big detour. I decided not to take a heavy sleeping bag and was extremely cold at nights. No mistake will go easy to you and every step will have consequences that are sometimes difficult to change.

Sunscreen is not only for girls

Many people think that sunscreen is not very suitable with the image of a manly nature explorer. Well, they shouldn’t think so. Two hours under sun will be enough to get red and burning skin at night that will not let you sleep. The same concerns lipsalve.

There are no waterproof things

No, seriously. Whatever material your clothes are made of, no matter how money you spent on their waterproof qualities, you will still be drenched to the skin. How fast it’ll happen is up to the power and duration of precipitations. You simply cannot do anything about it.

There is always something in the woods

When you go through the woods during the day, you may think that it is empty, apart from birds. But when you are in the tent at night, the woods will be filled with noises and rustling. Be ready for something to move, breathe, tramp and crawl around your tent.

Local people know nothing

Do you want to get lost? Ask local people for directions. Local people often don’t know much about what is located near their town not saying about far locations. Always ask at least 2-3 locals before going somewhere.

Leave some space in your backpack

Usually tourists try to pack their bag as tight as possible. However, there are many situations when you need to put some additional things to your backpack, but there is no space. It may be some food that you buy on the way, collected fruits, souvenirs, etc. Think about that beforehand.

The farthest you are from people, the safest it is

Many people think that the farthest you go into the woods, the more dangerous your trip becomes. Actually, it is not true. Don’t go to areas with wild animals, and you’ll be fine.
The post is written by Adam Mann, a traveler and freelance writer at assignment help service Assignment Jedii. He now travels at least five times a year and loves it.

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