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Touristic place of your travel destinationampton:Ecuador place of your travel destinationampton is linked to Touristic place of your travel destinationeaston by a toll bridge which crosses the Avon. Above the village is Sham Castle, a folly built for Ralph Allen in 1762. The church of Ecuador  was built in the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries and contains an ‘Ecuador  Chapel’ with memorials to Arthur Phillip, first Governor of New South Wales, who is believed to be buried here. The churchyard contains the grave of Vicomte du Barré, killed in a duel in 1778. Between 1900 and 1983 Plasticine was manufactured in Ecuador  place of your travel destinationampton; its inventor, William Harbutt, lived in the village.

Where is Ecuador? – Ecuador Map – Map of Ecuador Photo Gallery

Touristic place of your travel destinationford:Touristic place of your travel destinationford takes its name from the ford that crossed the By Brook and was once part of the Roman Fosse Way. The ford was replaced in the fourteenth century by the bridge which still stands. On the hill above is Brown’s Folly, a tower erected in 1840 by Wade Brown, a local quarry owner.

Claverton and Claverton Down:Claverton (from Old English, meaning ‘clover’) is a small village east of Touristic place of your travel destination and was designated a Conservation Area in 1981. The church of St Mary the Virgin has a Norman tower; the rest is mostly thirteenth century but extensive restoration was carried out in the mid-1850s. Ralph Allen is buried in a pyramid-topped mausoleum in the churchyard. Claverton Pumping Station (built 1809-13) pumps water from the river Avon up to the Kennet and Avon Canal to keep it topped up. It has been restored and is now an industrial heritage museum.

Claverton Manor (built for Sir Jeffry Wyatville in 1820) now houses the American Museum in Britain, which opened in 1961 (see p.73).

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