According to the U.S. Travel Association

Travel for Hobbies and Interests

According to the U.S. Travel Association, over half of leisure travelers say they have hobbies and interests that have an influence on where they choose to travel. Thirty-nine percent (39%) of travelers, for example, say that trips that include cultural, arts, historic, or heritage activities or events are more enjoyable to them. Twenty-six percent (26%) feel that a leisure trip or vacation away from home is not complete without visiting a museum, historic site, or landmark.

The tremendous interest in gardening, one of America’s favorite leisure pastimes, is a primary market driver for attendance at public gardens. Combined, botanical gardens in the United States attract 35 million visitors annually.

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According to a survey by Edge Research (, conducted for the USTA, 27 million travelers, or 17% of American leisure travelers, engaged in culinary or wine-related activities while traveling in the previous three years. Culinary activities participated in while traveling include taking cooking classes, dining out for a unique and memorable experience, visiting farmers’ markets, gourmet food shopping, and attending food festivals. Wine activities include winery tours, driving a wine trail, tasting locally made wines, and attending wine festivals.

Leisure Conferences

A non-business conference is defined as a conference, meeting, or special event unrelated to a job or occupation. Some such are alumni, fraternity, or sorority reunions; political rallies or conventions; and military reunions. Other examples of such travel include attending organized religious conferences, self-improvement or educational conferences, and hobby-related conferences.

According to a USTA travel poll, 36% of Americans have traveled to attend a non-business conference for personal, social, or civic reasons in the past five years.

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