What a beautiful day here the boys this is unbelievable one of those beautiful days. I see a Whistler Whistler gets a lot of cloud cover today is unbelievable my buddies. And I Jose where it’s like if something’s just like perfect it’s like this is all what it’s about you know it’s like this is it, and this is it look at today unbelievably clear you could not ask for better conditions it is fabulous holy crap this is it hey there we go this is it buddy oh look it landed on their Pole no way oh my gosh it’s standing on one foot it’s all about this is the thing.

I don’t like about snowboarding is bindings you always have to take mom oh you’re laughing they’re back you’re a little guy. I don’t have any food. But you should come here little Vale there fella too bad gonna snow to the face.


But we’re a laughing we are moving up it’s 2:30, and the lifts have closed now. So we’re doing our last round of the day it is stunning absolutely stunning this has been one of the best days. I’ve had in a long long time honey does that nature it’s pretty neat over there Wow yeah baby oh.

I just hopped helming damn it ah he’s underway we came to the end of a trail, and there’s like a cliff right there like not really a cliff. But a big enough drop that. I call it a cliff.

And I took my bindings off, and jumped off of it my buddy’s up there right now. And I slid down this entire way. I couldn’t stop myself.

But he’s going down now go outside you gotta commit pathway Tamar success you can’t stop it’s so slippery.

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