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The Beaches Of Guyana

Most people choose holiday destinations depending on the availability of activities, places to see and cultural history as well. Maybe one of the most important elements of most holiday destinations is the beaches that they have to offer. With a coastline that spans almost 460 kilometers or 285 miles, Guyana is a beach lover’s paradise indeed. Considering the fact that Guyana is well-connected via international flights, this is one South American destination that should rank very high on your list if you love beaches full of scenic vistas.

Start with the weather

Guyana offers warm weather almost throughout the year, making it ideal for beach goers. Not only does it have a large coastal line but it also has plenty of rivers that flow into the country as well. So, you will really be spoilt for choices when it comes to beaches in Guyana.

Shell Beach
This is perhaps one of the most famous beaches that Guyana has to offer and it is known for two things – its profusion of shells and turtles. Every year, this beach is home to the following turtle species that use it as a nesting site:
Hawksbill turtle
Olive Ridley and


So, if you are interested in exploring a fabulous ecosystem, then you can visit this beach for not just the turtles but also the mangrove that plays host to monkeys and manatees.

Getting there – Flights to Guyana

One huge factor in planning any kind of travel is the connectivity via flights. Guyana has an international airport to offer and plenty of connectivity to all the major destinations. Almost all major airlines operate flights in and out of Guyana and this makes it extremely easy for you to plan your holiday.

Inland beaches

One extremely unique feature of Guyana is the number of Inland beaches that it has. Thanks to the number of rivers that flow into Guyana, you can enjoy several beaches here as well. For instance, the Essequibo River can give you a beach option which is pretty close to the ocean or you can choose to go further inland as well.

Bartica Beach

The Bartica Beach is also to be found in the Essequibo region and offers plenty of opportunities for swimming. If you like small beaches, then another location that you can explore is the Saxacalli beach which has been formed because of the Essequibo River once again.

63 Beach Berbice

This is another popular beach in Guyana and sees a lot of beach sports as well. So if you like to play beach volleyball or even enjoy activities such as fishing, then 63 Beach Berbice should be on your list of beaches to visit in Guyana.

Considering the fact that Guyana is well-connected by international flights, it simply means that you can enjoy a beach holiday whenever you feel like it. A beach is after all a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. And in a place like Guyana, which offers fabulous scenic vistas to go along with the beaches, you can certainly come back feeling extremely refreshed.

Author bio: Nohar Singh was born to the country of Guyana and migrated to the US. He is presently the President and CEO of Travelspan Inc. NY, Travelspan GT (Guyana), Amrals Travel (Trinidad) and Globespan Technologies (Guyana).

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