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This has been my life for the past eight ah you. I don’t say this to show off. I’m just showing the past that.

I almost passed up taking this path was far from easy it was just about the scariest thing I’d ever done it meant walking away from a job I’d worked. So hard to achieve it meant prematurely closing my apartment lease it meant telling my friends, and family that. I was leaving behind the real world it was time for me to create my own path, and forgo the safety of the life.

I had built this was my chance to redefine success, and happiness. I ventured off into the unknown, and it was the best decision of my life for four years. I studied at the top Business School in the country.

And I was taught just like the rest of the world to get a job, and join the rat race when it finally came my time to embrace the corporate life it became quickly apparent that it was taking away my life after three months of working the grind. I asked myself this question either stick with it for the next 40 years until. I retire or take these next two years unconditionally follow my passions On January 1st 2018.

I took the $5,000. I had to my name, and bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok Thailand. I began my trip with just a few thousand subscribers, and a big dream.

I took my hobby, and passion for blogging can set out to perfect the art. I taught myself everything. I know by reading my blog tutorials, and most of all making posts every single day.

I had no idea what. I was doing but I was confident that.

I would make it work in the sink-or-swim situation every day. I woke up motivated, and energized like never before. I was doing what.

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I loved most making posts, and traveling my bank account drew smaller every day but I was determined not to return home to the lifestyle of working in a box from sunrise to sunset. I kept my costs as low as possible by working with local businesses.

And I started to earn a very modest income my first month on the road was a huge success bringing my subscribers to around 15,000, and building an incredibly supportive my blog audience just like. I have today after an unforgettable time in Thailand. I was off to the Philippines, and very soon after joined by my beautiful girlfriend, and the love of my life this is my favorite part of the story there’s nothing as liberating as following your passions people often think that my decision to leave behind everything was risky.

But they often neglect the biggest risk which is not reaching our full potential not living a life which we chase the things that ignite us you see if in two years time. I realized that this was not my path to take, I’ll be able to return back to the real world knowing that. I gave up my very best if.

I continue down the corporate road yeah. I may have been able to buy a house sooner or had a higher position at the firm but I would have always been left with a void a deep wondering if.

I couldn’t have accomplished something greater when you follow your passion it’s impossible to lose at the end of the day my path was never really a path at all it was about going into the unknown, and seeing if. I came out at the other side my story was one of getting lost. I have no idea where this journey will take me the destinations the opportunities, and even the finances are all unknown.

But this will not be the opportunity that. I let slide by this post is not about quitting a job it’s about pursuing your passion unconditionally find the thing in your life that gives you hope, and energy, and chase it down with all that you’ve got take the leap of faith, and get lost what is up you guys you have just watched my proudest creation today that is the result of eight months of day in, and day out filming, and editing so much hard work behind this post please leave it a big thumbs up, and if you really liked it take it a step further share with your mom share with your dad maybe even grandma.

I think she’d really like it, and always hit the subscribe button unless you’re already subscribed then don’t touch it. Because you’ll unsubscribe this is my story of how I follow my passion.

I left behind the corporate world to wholeheartedly pursue my passion for travel, and sharing the world with you guys now. I also had another announcement. I’m giving away a hero4 silver, and no it’s not new.

But this is the exact same camera that. I used while traveling Thailand the Philippines Indonesia. I went to over ten ageing countries using this very same camera now the GoPro is just a small part of the prize.

I like to think that the biggest prize, and the biggest thing. I can offer to a content creator is my support. I want a handpick a content creator or soon to be content creator.

And I want to give them my support. I want to share with them everything. I’ve learned over the past eight months of doing my blog full-time from ups, and downs my blog is a very difficult path.

And I want to be able to help someone through that path. So how do you enter the giveaway. I want to see you guys get creative in a 30 second to one, and a half minute post.

I want you guys to tell me why you think that you should be the selected creator if you share the post on Twitter or Instagram use the hashtag. I am team get lost if you put the post inside of a my blog clip or on a Facebook link make sure you tweet it at me at loss LeBlanc with the hashtag. I am team get lost this will guarantee that.

I see your submission, and everyone will be considered. I will not be responding to email please do not message my email it is for business only. I will not be considering a single email.

So please Instagram Twitter Facebook or my blog just know email you guys have till October 15th, and that is the deadline as long as you get your post in by then you will be considered. And I cannot wait to check out every single one of the submissions that’s it guys let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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