Ah good morning beautiful look at this incredible view oh my gosh. So right there.

I believe that too could be road running down somewhere if you missed yesterday’s blogs. We’ve arrived at the Pullman hotel to have gone from being on a plane for like two days straight to being here three months like being happy. So guys check out this just over the edge here you can see it just how high we are that’s what 26 floors look like you know after a masterfully cooked eggs Benny Abby.

And I are going to head down to the gym now pretty cool they took down the record set up. Because no pain no gain if. I start with a treadmill you got my heart rate up like.

I sweat through the entire workout it’s kind of a good thing going to accept the fact you can be 20 GPM, and we’re heading out for the day which is a little bit late. I feel like after coming off the plane yeah. I take one day we deserve to sleep in it we’re going to park now in the film Christian’s post, and an outfit for my post.

I know y’all rock yes. I don’t really know about you normally know about me, and Ally on a fast track say hailey hailey go on three what. We’ve got in the Pullman cookbook, and they’re going to drop us off Massey Park is only like a couple blocks away.


But hey you got a free shuttle while music. We’ve just arrived at Ben Jackey tea park. I was actually here the same thing a month ago, I’ll answer the drone clips.

I got. I actually had one of the guards come up, and just be like hey man you’re on let’s fly here except you didn’t speak a word of English. So he basically just tapped me on the shoulder, and it was like bring drone down, and he was like smiling the whole time.

So still this is a beautiful park. I use this as an example to show basically how beautiful of a clay Bangkok really is. Because they get such a bad rep for being congested, and polluted, and then you show them this it’s like yeah what’s the price see ya happy free hello lumpini.

So right now we’re heading to young peeny park which is basically like where. I used to go jogging through when I was an exchange student living in Bangkok Oh Johnny every part not very often but.

I would go through it don’t worry the ambulance is on its way we’ll be there in the next two hours guys traffic is. So steep that. I thought to myself it’s fine we’ll just take a taxi like only 230 big mistake we should have taken a motorbike taxi where this is a really really bad time to be coming down this road you know a traffic’s bad when even the motorbikes are not moving oh my gosh we have to stop out it just wasn’t happening everyone in the car is with grunting, and just like frustrated.

Because the traffic wasn’t moving. So our next best bet. Because we have to go here like this is where.

I need to go to film for my Travel Guide we’re going now by motorbike taxi, and even then they’re not moving too quick. But that’s really the only option. So let’s get a move on let’s pitter-patter Ruffini flap yes.

I like either discussing how to get there it’s like straight from here they’re bargaining up the price right now they’re acting like. I don’t know. I don’t know we’ll be back we’ll be back you double dip for Bangkok make sure you take the motorbike if you plan to after you get around, and not just sit in traffic all day.

Because when you get around you’ll really enjoy the city he’s stuck in traffic you will. I actually just put stops on the motorbike some guys like laugh look look he’s back there somewhere on his own motorbike taxi hopefully we seem again someone’s like lost the blog yeah someone on the computer you yes. I don’t know like.

I highly doubt he gets photos with every passenger that sits on his motorbike but I don’t know at the same time he didn’t speak good enough English to explain why he wanted a photo. I’m gonna have to assume that maybe he’s seen one of the posts but.

I’ve never been recognized by a local before like. I’ve never had someone who’s like straight out of Thailand who somehow has actually seen the post. So it’s kind of cool.

I’m going to go ahead, and assume that was the case he’s up here is the entrance to lumbini park kind of like the Central Park of Bangkok it’s a massive green space in the middle of skyscrapers, and we’re going to show you right now where the lake is. So this place is probably the most peaceful place you can go in all of Bangkok like an escape from all the traffic, and the parks huge we take about 20 minutes to walk from one side just to the other there’s a large large green space, and you can see locals they bring like little picnics here. I said there’s.

So many lovers here in this park including us right cheese is kind of going along now this kind of girl you walk the hole a little longer back in just her attitude is hotter than hers cause we she’s around at the NASA, I’ll touch a bull she’s got a wrong force field. So no relator we’ll get out if part of someone else. So right here is one of the coolest things about Lumpini Park all the equipment is made of no-frills metal, and some slight padding this deadlifting said here Wow all right cool this is actually provided by the park, and completely free to come into the park as well the best three weeks of your entire life.

So we just wrapped up the final shoot. I’m so glad that’s over with this is not like blogging where.

I can speak one-on-one like mano a mano like. I feel. So stressed, and like.

I blunder my line so much when. I’ve got a tripod set up.

And I’m trying to make something really pretty. I’m hoping the post looks really effortless. Because that’s the goal.

But there was a lot of effort put into shooting that there was someone sitting right there, and they like. I guess he also has an e-commerce store. So he knew exactly what.

I was dealing with. Because he’s out to do his own posts he gave me a little bit of advice. I started to do a little better when he left just.

Because I was getting. So stressed like the idea of having people watch you as you blunder your lines time after time it just wears you down a little bit. But originally we were going to film it over there by a big crowd good idea that we love.

I know. I told you you’re like why why are you perrolli Wow okay well I’d yeah. So many times oh look.

I know how this he landed by Jewish girl well thank you to knew we could. So me Abby, and we never got his name over right now heading to MBK we’re really just running in to get some shoes for myself. I didn’t bring any running shoes, and Abby needs Bluetooth headphones okay.

So we were on the back of that bike, and we’re coming down the street MBK is just like literally a block that way. And I’m like stop stop stop we have to pull over here. I’m going to show you why we stopped it’s going to be worth the walk this is why we stopped.

I saw Cordy. But in the window oh look at it just sitting on the table okay Wow place is called top house, and as it looks is a dog cafe whenever thank our four years ago we went to a cat cafe but I prefer dogs.

So this is my thing, and we got a new one mr. flippin Tim he’s literally a giant pool fault. So we’re now in MBK well we’re crossing over into MBK.

We’ve got like 30 minutes which 30 minutes doesn’t go far that we really got to hurry up okay. So I just bought a phone plan, and they gave me a phone. I don’t know why.

I’ve never had this happen before. But hey. I got a new phone.

I’m I’m 50 okay. So now we’re getting on the BPF which is their sky train now we’re taking it to us. So we realized we were going to completely wrong direction.

So that was our attempt at taking this country. But we’re going to get on a motorbike taxi because. We’ve Sargent 6:30 that we’re going to late for.

So that was a commute from hell, and like don’t get me wrong Bangkok could be really hard to get around. But what we just did was ridiculous like we got on the wrong BTS. I didn’t even know there was like more than one BTS.

So went the wrong direction we get off get on a motorcycle taxi being like just take us to the hotel like we got to pay for it whatever. So he could guess up the right Street, and then he turns down the wrong intersection going onto an extremely populated busy street from there we just had no other choice. But to like run to the other train station finally got a train finally got back for 30 minutes late for a massage.

But we’re going to run there now. So I gotta go thank you very much right now we’re going for a traditional Thai massage at the Pullman it definitely is a de-stressor right now that was a little stressful. So now.

I get to put on this beautiful white rope wait a second what what is that right there oh never – nothing -. I did that it’s called magic one isn’t coming well. I’m pretty sure.

I’m an inch taller after that. I would compare this closer to like a physio therapy acupuncture kind of thing like you’re not exactly there to entirely relax while there are some very nice enjoyable parts it all factor yeah there’s some there’s some other parts where you’re being like literally like uncomfortably pulled apart, and it’s definitely very beneficial. I think that if you did that several times over you feel a whole lot more loose as a goose not only do they use a massage bed to like you know use pressure against you they get on top of the table to climb around they do pretzel movements in life it’s insane like these little ladies have.

So much power, and strength, and they’re like moving you around, and yeah. So Abby’s here looking cute like a flute, and then there’s me. I’m wearing my sweatpants which by the way these are the Lulu they got in Edmonton Thank You Carly feelin looser than ever we’re ready for dinner yeah tonight’s dinner is called a taste of Spain here.

I don’t think. I’ve ever had like a full Spanish meal before. So I’m excited about this hello good one yes thank you very much this side of the Pullman that has an amazing Spanish restaurant too we got some sangria Bangkok our salad.

So far. I’m enjoying the taste of Spain have you even been Spain happy no. I really want though.

I can’t dance. I don’t think. I belong there big Jambox good it’s a really good answer that’s better.

I know you fit in no you’re good dancing. So what’s your progress we have lots of sometimes. Because with massive skillet filled with amazing rice we got four if you’ve got chicken, and mousse.

So this is called tapas vino it’s actually inside the Pullman hotel, and the craziest thing is this entire meal including the delicious sangria which may. I add some of the best thing we have had that whole picture of it this entire meal for two people is 1700 baht that’s like probably about 40 US dollars maybe close to that like unbelievable pricing if you guys are coming to Bangkok. I highly recommend if you want to experience a nice casual fine dining experience come here to top of vino it’s now time to go to bed, and let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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