Like the pilgrims this morning we are off to our next destination we’re going Beach from the Sun we have bribe my god this is our room at cabana leap a beach resort bathroom bedroom that’s a lot of effort right there put down pedal like that little perfect heart rate good morning beautiful world this is door-to-door service as we do the island tour today. We’ve taken package beep.

So it was like six hundred, and fifty baht per person which is actually quite reasonable for a full day’s trip for them to literally show right in front of our door pretty epic we got a sunblock we got some water right now it’s rush hour there’s these little longtail boats going in all these different directions one thing. I’m noticing today that. I didn’t see yesterday is the clarity of the water this is a really really beautiful aqua looking water, and you can see right through it today it’s going to be the reason we figure out what.

So now that. We’ve picked up all of our friends we are now heading on a one-hour longtail boat ride all the way to our destination yes one hour it’s really long but. I’m just excited to be here like this water is is crazy you just like moving a plate over our heads like incidents of a hazard.

But this lens is way too wide angle to show you. But behind me is one of the most epic scenes. I’ve ever seen there’s like 25 different longtail boats all coming in the same direction through the middle of the ocean it looks like a steam out of Troy like we’re getting ready to store we are lying.


So there’s the rock you can see it right there, and that’s that’s all. I got up Simon at home yes the hidden lagoon there nobody knows. So basically there are.

So many longtail boats in the exact same spot it’s almost like you’re going into like a cage match everyone just kind of like puts on the life jackets jumps from the same part. So actually a better example would be like bumper cars. Because you’re.

So close everyone your probably going to bump it in this little tiny squared off area now that one of the longtail boats box off we actually have room to insert ourselves into the cage match, and let’s go go swim with people Cheryl the fish left a while ago. So I think that’s log will just be called pessimism in Kalifa. So this guy was charging all night, and yet it has 1% battery, and that was my only way to film here in the water a lot of very new water.

But if the fuzzies clear pretty incredible stuff if your toddler if you’re coming here to do some scuba diving or even snorkeling this would definitely be a really good place even with the son missing it was still very clear still very beautiful. But when the sun is shining through the water it’s like unbelievably beautiful. So that’s a really cool thing about Philippe just on the horizon here we’re about to enter the abyss there’s a massive thunder cloud coming our way we can hear all this noise in distance.

And I think we actually have to go through the rainstorm we’re getting love basil chicken yeah yeah. So this here is cool done. I believe it’s called or don’t, and there’s supposed to be monkeys on the speech but.

I think. Because of the rain they’ve all gone off into the jungle. But really cool island it like reminds me a lot of like where Tarzan would be John see these really tall Viney looking trees really awesome.

I would love to see a monkey or two we’ll keep your fingers crossed, and we just got lunch, and my lunch bag as a giant Tai person’s hair in it the big black hair. I’m a state in trade. I’m not eating lunch.

So right now we’re on stop probably like number five or six we keep stuffing at these places, and right now. I’m just kind of ready to go back don’t get me wrong. We’ve seen some beautiful things the weather hasn’t exactly cooperated until just about now.

But there’s nothing about this like that appealing this is where they brought us this massive slippery Rock Bank. I mean don’t get me wrong. I’m all for a rock, and roll, and rocking on, and stuff.

But no. I’m not going to use this here’s their high they’ve been doing a photo shoot for like the past 15 minutes. I just wish.

I knew their Instagram handles last night we had an incredible dinner if you come to Cooley Bay make sure you go to hello India amazing Indian food made by some authentic dude he even had like the pitas being done in like one of those fire pits was delish mixed squish. So these are the taxis you use to get around well. I get all aboard your throne.

We’ve actually tried really hard before to negotiate for these taxis there’s no budging it’s 50 baht per person a lot of you guys come to the blog for different reasons some of you likes to the views the drones the Bluewater some of you like to see the chicks. So i’ma let you have it let’s see the chicks yeah some people struggle to stay relevant lots of long jokes are ahead of their time you know the front cover of animorphs that book where those like animals evolve into people you get everything here on this blog you get science entertainment laughter. So we are back at our little sanctuary here cabana leap a beach resort this has been my favorite part of all of koh lipe right here just having the view right up front of my door, and like this is the best side of beach.

We’ve seen pattaya. We’ve seen sunrise beach witches on there, and then. We’ve seen the sunset beach which in my opinion was kind of cool.

But he literally has to deal with mosquitos infesting your arm, and leg. So I don’t know this is my favorite spot. So I actually just thought the local lady who was walking her dog, and she’s been here for several years now she said in the past to youth Philippe has become a lot busier which is what we’re seeing right now we’re actually shocked as to how busy it is.

But she also said that next week it’s going to be like a lot more dead than it is now right now we’re just leading off of song Quran which is a big holiday here definitely very hello there are so many dogs on this island look at what they did here the question attention attention attention attention to getting attention to get it Paul Geary Paul sorry Paul okay don’t it’s a friendly looking this is the walking street, and this is like a Main Street that rug ultra-cool Issei, and they have shops, and restaurants. So we’re going to be a sign to eat.

I really want to get deep fried ice cream that. I’ve spotted yesterday guys check these out these are elephant print swim shorts life goals play a little game of guess the price what do you get six dollars u.s.

You got it. So right there is the end of Walking Street, and right behind me is the beautiful beach the beach is nice. But it’s not like anything crazy compared to like the other beaches.

We’ve seen. But hardwoods, and it’s covered in sticks, and rocks which you know is to be expected it’s a natural beach. But there’s.

So many boats in a dense little area maybe it’s just cuz the weather is not panned out entirely well today that. I’m not feeling the vibes at the Coulee phase no matter where. I go.

I try to be as objective as possible. I want to give people the best recommendation. We’ve traveled to a lot of Thailand’s beaches.

And We’ve seen a lot of great things. We’ve seen some beaches we didn’t care for, and this is kind of falling right now in the category of. I don’t really care for it as far as.

I’m concerned the best part of all of koh lipe is right here in front of cabana looks like it’s going to be a beautiful night just ten steps away from our front porch you get this incredible view you can’t watch the sunset here but I would actually rather spend sunset here over Sunset Beach how are you that’s great listen how do you do. So I got some visitors in the blog here today welcome to the blog.

So you you have a youtube blog yeah every my blog blog my gosh everyone’s got a my blog blog competition is getting fiercer by the day ah if. I could conclude on our time here, and kaliba it would be this. I don’t think this is an island that’s worth the money or the time to get to if you’re coming from somewhere really distant.

So for us to have gone from hotel to check out koh lipe I wouldn’t do it again now if you’re somewhere like koh lanta which is the next island up, and coolants is a popular island as well if you’re somewhere close already, and you really want to see more islands you’ve got the time then yeah sure you can make this a worthwhile trip to come here see some of the most clear water. I’ve ever seen admittedly we didn’t see it in its best condition. But still we saw incredible marine life here.

So I have to say if you’re a scuba diver if you’re smaller then this might be your place if you’re just a typical backpacker, and you’re on a budget this is not your place if you’re someone who’s mid-tier budget who has a bit of money to spend, and wants to see a lot of Thailand it has the time then this could also be your place my reviews are not the end-all answer to everything. I have had. So many people say oh my gosh you’re going to coolly pay that’s my favorite or that’s the most beautiful.

And So for them. I’m glad they enjoyed themselves. I wish.

I found that thing that they were all in love with. Because I found that this was just simply too busy the beach itself is very very crowded too which. I expected this to be like Commack a bit of a sleeper island it doesn’t have the best of anything unless maybe you’re going scuba diving.

I’m very excited that we are going up north to Phuket tomorrow. We’ve got a like five hour speedboat, and the cost to get to Phuket another expense of being here in koh lipe then it cost us about two hundred US dollars for the two of us. So not cheap at least we’ll get there by around 2 p.

M. tomorrow. So quite a distance.

I’m gonna end the blog here let’s get lost again tomorrow ah you.

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