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Mature drivers face many of the same difficulties as young drivers when it comes to purchasing cheap car insurance. After the age of 55, prices tend to begin to increase regardless of driving history. However, as with younger drivers, there are steps that more mature drivers can take to minimize the amount paid for cheap car insurance ( premiums.

Keep being safe

While you may find that your renewal premiums increase even with a good safety record, they will increase even quicker if your safety record begins to slip. It is important therefore to ensure that your automobile is in good condition and that aspects such as the breaks are tested regularly. This is particularly important if you drive at night or in poor visibility and bad weather. In addition you should have your health and fitness to drive checked regularly. Have your eyes tested and wear prescription lenses if they have been recommended. Other important considerations include:

Blood pressure
Stroke risk
The health of your heart

Checks for epilepsy and diabetes

Most people don’t like to be reminded that they are aging and having comments made about your driving can reinforce this feeling. However, it is important that you listen and take appropriate action. You could lower your premiums by simply stopping driving at night or cutting the number of miles you drive.

Continuing driver education

A simple way to prove to both loved ones and insurance companies that you are still safe to drive is to undertake a defensive driving course. The content of courses caries depending on the State in which you live. Check that the course you apply for is recognized by your State and insurer before you begin.

Change your car

The make, model and power of your car affects your premiums just as much as your age and driving ability. If you have a large, high powered automobile consider switching for a smaller car with less power. Also check the safety rating of your current car. Considering a car with a higher safety rating will lower your premiums.

Check your coverage

If you have been with the same insurance company for several years, the chances are that you have paid little attention to the type and amount of insurance you have when you have renewed your policy. Before your next renewal have a close look and check that the cover is still suitable for your circumstances. Consider the following options that may help to lower your premiums:

Increasing your deductibles, particularly if you are driving less. Higher deductibles generally mean smaller premiums.

Check your optional covers. Do you still need comprehensive cover or collision cover?

Consider making someone else the primary driver on your policy. If you have a family member that tends to drive you around, and they have a good driving record, this could significantly reduce the cost of your cover.

Driving gives a sense of freedom that cannot be achieved through reliance on other forms of transport. But, this freedom comes at a higher price as you age. By following our tips you can reduce the amount you pay for this freedom. However, your safety and that of other road users should always be your top priority.

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