So the guys would tell you they had a good sleep me on the other hand let me show you something.

I was stuffing my clothing with clothing it was. So cold last night you guys had sleeping bag. So you were fine.

I was. So cool my feet were icicles ice yeah. I’m thinking oh yeah you have another one.

I’m sorry. I did yeah you know that’s fine see it slipped your mind. I started the car twice in the night just like trying to get her on it took like ten minutes to get the heater running, and then it take like ten minutes go back to sleep, and then I’d wake up again like an hour later.

And I talked to invested one time to go get our new car. Because this one can’t go across the border to Bulgaria, and we have to get another one that has a fixed license plate ah it’s so good to be out of that car my gosh boys are back on the road again action are two ladies don’t stand a chance Rebecca Constanta, and we’re in the old town a little unusual they’ve got like four or five military boats just chillin out in the ocean there Barnaby she also had a couple military boats.

So obviously they’re on their guard for someone don’t want to say it’s Russia it’s probably Russia we just found an awesome little restaurant right along the water friendless sorta you can see the water Hawkwind yeah well. I’m impressed by the atmosphere Matt already asked for the drink menu what time is it gonna be noon somewhere Thanks coffee goals now. I’m gonna regret my decision.

I just know it. So I definitely got the best guy there’s no parking left. So you just like pulls up onto the sidewalk throw your 4-ways on you can park anywhere teach a man to fish shows catch a fish see Jim at the park, I’ll never pay for a meter in his life watch out ladies of Constanta a couple of shirtless dudes coming through.

I can’t whistle always been my downfall yeah who’s that watch me that is where we are heading when I booked my ticket to Romania. I did no research.

I knew nothing about Romania but I definitely did not expect to be having a beach day in Romania. I didn’t even know they had me just the funny thing is we meet people along the way, and they always give us the same reaction they’re like Oh like why are you in Romania what brings you to Romania they clearly do not get many tourists from our experience.

So far like all three of us will agree that Romania has been an awesome destination to visit. I mean would. I recommend it for a first time traveler maybe not.

But it’s a very cool place for someone who will travel, and definitely not to be discounted if you’re coming through Eastern Europe or Europe. So the sand is full of shells not nice white sand. But it’s a nice Beach.


I would love to get my drone up here. But again drones not working it’s also double to the new beach few people are letting it all hang loose but I think that’s pretty standard in Eastern Europe.

I’m gonna say it’s cold nice little : sex we’re not going to get wet just here we’re going to go swimming probably a couple hours we’re going to wait until we can return our car kinda looks like war times barriers now this is just my educated guess but I think that these. And I’m standing on it right now.

I think they’re like those barriers that they set up in case of like a beach invasion, and there’s a ton of military presence right out here if they were being invaded take them put them on the beach. So that it would be much more difficult to basically take over the beach the beach culture is quite different here like this ladies walked by is walking your dog like nothing. But a song on in link down Kurt’s in Romania has pulled through they were.

So awesome to us we’re replacing that car we now have like the identical car. But instead of being a Skoda which is the Eastern European brand we know the Volkswagen identical white tiny, and no features. But that’s all we need, and we’re getting to Bulgaria.

I just can only go one direction here this is the exact same car the last have an axillary input. But no axillary course. So that’s mission of the day where do think we’re going to find a news weather report like college store all right let’s get knocks.

And I’m where them all we’re gonna get into the record we’re going to great lengths all like the local electronics stores are closed. Because it’s a long weekend. But the mall should happen it’s an abandoned mall Matt you would look.

So good in mink that entire mall did not have a single axillary cord. So one place that may carry them again the heck iPhone cable iPhone cable micro USB where is the auxiliary cord a little chat. I don’t have it three gas stations two malls this must be it, and nobody sells an axillary scores.

I’m gonna try one last place okay if this does not have an ox if this doesn’t have an aux cord then like we’re leaving the country not if it’s not in here what are we doing fine for cutting back to Canada this is a little final straw Matt just fell got run over in the parking lot this is the Walmart of Romania if they don’t carry it nobody carries it yeah someone snapped up the last one about ten minutes ago Hilary cable please he’s like yeah right over there now where is it ten lane that’s so cheap 1.5 meters sigh, and skip with it don’t try this at home kids yes he’s bid we got a player-hater alert stein was just crossing the street like not even that close to a car, and the guy is just like fu Henson drives off the haters they’ll try to stop you they will now you can’t let them into cuter like getting some dinner at the local dig you’re getting food always look for where the locals eat right now we’re hanging out where there’s nothing.

But Romanians. And I would hope the food’s gonna reflect that we just got a couple of Stella’s two dollars each new doc yeah we got some rice some chicken schnitzel there you go Matt there’s you fish. So Maddie ate my chicken fingers thinking like that my meals in town yeah.

But there’s no there you go you got chicken chicken, and fish man not got rekt. I got Red John Tilson hub. I ordered something.

I really the vibrant then they give me something else, and then my dish actually came. But it was like three times inside what. I actually wanted, and then he also ate my chicken fingers or did 100 grams of fish he goes given 300 grams of fish of a different fish that you didn’t order, and they accidentally ate much you can figure.

So he got wrecked. I’ve learned to park like a true Romanian half the car in the walkway top of it in the road it is. So tight noon we’re trying to find a place for tonight look last night us.

So we should have a suddenly I don’t we you’re probably sleeping in this coat again looks like that has to be the cutest dog. I’ve ever seen oh my gosh find a place to stay tonight. But the city that we were hoping saying vomit Vichy Barnaby she lavishes what time.

I get it it’s totally bucking there’s nothing there. So we are currently looking in the adjacent city called Magnus at today’s blog should just be called lost. We’ve been going back, and forth oh my gosh a puppy oh he’s clumsy he’s gonna give you rabies net we’re not sleeping in the car tonight.

I’m. So excited we found a place for 850 for a three bed place. So we’re doing pretty well it’s like 50 per person divide that by three or divide by four for the u.

S. price, and you’re basically paying like 12 US dollars a night which is super cheap oh. I think.

I think. I might crash in the car anyways yeah oh very nice here we go boys it’s leg day sir squatting here’s the douche hello douche oh oh. I see yes.

I have a super good dude the Romanian language is actually very similar to French a little bit of English or Latin bass. So they have the same foundation Matt your rides coming gather it the MTV Cribs Oh show us what we got yeah. I don’t know we got one bed over here yo guys over here that are pushy Eric sundries slow talker that’s true mad tv right here yeah that’s got we got VHS on that 50 inches at least no VHS no bitch.

I bet it does come with the remote customers here you have the bathroom flash shower yeah. So then. I think about this is that is actually just one big shower with a toy thinking that is nice.

So no mess no worry it’s easy it’s bedroom leave a blanket. So there fly a little bit about this piece an original from Maya’s yeah yeah part somebody’s – then. I stopped to a good start, and now we’re going to bomb Avicii.

Because we’re actually saying. I keep saying around bomb Avicii mama Becky momma’s momma Becky yes you know the Romania it is way quieter tonight are you gonna try it you have to hang for two minutes that one to me. But apparently it’s like almost impossible the prize money is 100 Ron, and it costs 10 Ron to try it alright he’s giving it his best battery you guys as fractions away from dying please leave the post a thumbs up it means a lot more than you think have a good night guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow some of the day yay mr.

Pressing buttons. I don’t want to go in there this is. So criminally trapped down here.

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