No filming good morning guys it is about 6:30 right now, and we are heading to Luton Airport it’s been on the outskirt of London we got some Turkish food from last night ready to go last night.

I went to bed at like 1:30. So I was doing emails talking to Abby a little bit. And I could not sleep anything past 5:00 this morning time change is just.

So messed around. And I was going to get even more screwed up. Because we’re going to Romania which is three hours ahead of here.

So we got three, and a half hours worth of sleep but. I’m feeling pretty good. And I edited my blog this morning cuz.

I got up. So early it’s not really stoked about that as the British would say getting some MacOS what are you gonna get at Marcus, and a spoon for some Turkish food here we go love on to the tube we’re getting lost we’re actually really lost such an expansive network of trains here, and really challenging to figure out where you’re going sometimes okay. So we’re not on the tube anymore we’re taking the train, and we missed the last train, and unfortunately trains don’t run nearly as often as the tube does.

We’ve got to wait about 25 minutes, and from there we take train. So that we can get a bus basically we’re cutting it really close we’re going to leave ourselves maybe an hour, and a half for check-in which for an international plate that’s not much time but I think the train systems here are.

So good. So efficient trains going in every direction, and right now we’re probably doing. I’m guessing about 150 klicks.

So I’ve heard like lots of bad things about discount airlines, and now. I’m seeing it firsthand. I guess when.

I pay for my ticket. I chose online check-in, and if you don’t check in online, and you go to the airport to check in they now just charged me about the equivalent of 50 US dollars for just not checking in online. So my so-called budget airline has quickly wrapped up they charge you for everything bag overages can’t say.

I recommend whiz there. But if you find a really good deal, and you’re very smart, and you’re very little luggage, and there’s no other way they can screw over Romania rumble 2018 all aboard with there. We’ve arrived in Romania, and it’s raining really hard the long-awaited arrival we have made it to Romania, and we were like coming in, and the airplane just that it was like.

I got scared a lot on planes even though. I’ve flown so much any like slight movement that.

I’m not used to freaks me out, and this one was not a slight movement it was like yeah we’re going in for landing is we got scrutinized by the UK side when we were coming in. Because we had no like nothing to show no retaliated money show that we had a ticket to leave no. But in Romania the land of opportunity they don’t care my guy was on the phone he’s like whatever just took my passport didn’t even look at me just stamps it when vodka what did your good news he said how long you staying.

I said. I don’t know about 25 days he said okay. And I stamped it good enough for me.

So this kind of cool system you can actually get a voucher for the taxi, and this the airforce way of ensuring that you don’t get gypped. Because there’s a lot of people who capitalise on tourists who come to airports thank you Romanian Airport hopefully looking out for us let’s test it out right here’s the ride like 35 degrees humid feels like the Philippines, and just like the Philippines there’s no seat belts in the car 30 minute drive, and it probably cost about $10 u.s.

, and Minya Minya this is Stein he’s done traveling for six months now are you alive in. I’m barely alive alright taxi driver was like cussing in Romanian like pop like cutting people off in life. So we’re staying at the midland hostel here in Bucharest Thanks, I’ll just take the upper the boys are cooking up hey guys.

I want to say this hostel is awesome if you’re coming Romania which. I don’t think will be a ton of you. But doesn’t venture out to Romania come to Midland hostel.

I’m sleeping up there tonight amazing size Walker. So my stuffed is safely stowed in there Oh all right everyone jeez just kill it our hostels over there right here is Tonka bar. I deserve a drink after travelling thousand miles to get here check check it out this is a rose rose introduce yourself.

I suck at blogging. But anyway oh yeah check out my youtube blog I have a blog about food, and veganism, and she is from Calgary which is yeah we max from Belgium to Channel not yet this is what happens when you to me. I want to thank my fans my food you guys with the comes the come easier what would you call it alright.

So these beers were seven lay. So you take that divided by three that’s the Canadian price these would be like a dollar seventy-five or two dollars US years when I snow locknut aux.

I went to a salt mine in Krakow Poland, and our tour guides talked about the origin of the word salary or inferentially it comes from Seoul, and cell-cell means salt, and fresh yeah. So roman legionnaires got paid in salt as their payment, and that’s where the term or that. I guess matters some of money international comes from is that outside down is just putting salt in your food that’s crazy.

So what would they do with like a year’s worth of salt. So they trade it right for other goods or money for Roman coins competing on the circuit manager this hostel is awesome hello folks. I’ve taken over the blog again looks a little better now a little more live currently we’re playing a drinking game by the name of cheers to governor governor, and currently.

I suck at this game the phones are in the center. Because they’re not lunch touches no technology, and he just did we’re heading out we’re testing out Romanian culture my total plane these are amazing 25 cents they’re Cheetos with no cheeto it’s literally just the foam part they’re not good all right tasteless cute, and delicious you go in at night huh that’s probably about 3:30 in the morning my battery’s not gonna last. So how can I guys let’s get lost again going to starting the thing up there’s signs car fun of the day.

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