Hey guys, and Happy New Year well at least of your tie today is song cron we are right now leaving Cole mock. I love this island. I can’t wait to come back here like the type our angel.

So right now we are taking a taxi to the bus terminal. And I’m having a bit of a rough go. I cut all into like glass onto the top of this toxic thing by the canopy.

And I cut my hand open on like a razor sharp metal sheet, and it was like kind of dirty looking. So luckily one of the guys here has led me there antibacterial stuff. I cleaned it out put a band-aid on to be okay, and then we get into stock we get a bump in my head smashed the bar.

I’m like yummy there. So we’re taking the little mini box we’re going to go straight to Bangkok, and from there going to begin the celebrations of day one for some time. I got the word.

So sigh bucket. I write for the 5 hour car ride what are you my leg. I’m trying to be dad.

So this right here is the bus terminal $8.00 to get us all the way back to Bangkok which is like five hour ride it’s like a dollar 25 per hour in a bus which is crazy about all these local breeders hey guys that’s coming in to work on the holidays definitely beat the price we paid to take uber we paid a total of like 200 us to get all the way down there like it was nice to have our own car, and all. But the savings are too good we’re going to take the bus, and it’s really not that much of an inconvenience it’s pretty much straight there you’ve already clearly Nazca lines up my legs dried now but.

I don’t know why it the moment when is the water first yeah. I was like what’s going on if. I don’t like throws on the greatest fun go to the banjo oh five hours later boom boom boom boom is like constantly stop, and go stop, and go.

But we actually made it here surprisingly easily. I thought it would be like total gridlock a total nightmare to get here it was the only typical nightmare bangkok traffic. So that’s not a bad thing off we go let’s get a cab, and enter the war zone the entire city is Awards on right now you’ll see why in just a bit hello very much okay oh my gosh what the heck ticket yes what are you different that’s.

So nice thank you so much after a six hour travel day this was like the highlight to be able to just check in have literally everything planned out for us figure it out for us the Novotel has like time, and time again showed us the most extreme hospitality. I’ve never seen anything like that we are just about to find out right here if this song cron is going to be filmed in amazing 1dx footage or not.


I’m pretty nervous right now. I got a product shipped to this hotel hoping that it will allow me to waterproof this camera, and if it doesn’t well then. I’m going to be shooting with a GoPro oh my god your stickers oh that one they put printed Lhasa Blanc all your logo on the glasses, and are you insane what alright.

I’m really nervous come on. So this is the right pocket oh it looks like it could fit it. But let’s try it is fair to say this is waterproof.

I am. So excited. So I’m going to be doing the blogging on my GoPro Hero 5.

And I’m going to be doing all my cinematic right here with my waterproof 1dx that’s like the top-of-the-line Songkran film you’ll ever see we are going to make the most cinematic film crud post of all time monkey confer novel money all night. So for morning final for clubs that you come outdoor Club, and turn your water guys in water fight it’s a really awesome not, and is the best in baseball nice take by is known as the places on sex. I disagree.

I think it’s here we were here last before, and here before right now we’re in the throttle Dover Road would be full Sun, and Rumble 3 it’s like a sanctuary here no one’s spraying water everyone feeling the chest you couldn’t hear me girlier is. So loud but I was trying to explain the display did you see on my face it’s like a form of cleansing.

So I think you’re like the new year new me philosophy basically they run garbage look at stuff all of your face look like you rolled in the mud, and then when it washes off it’s like the start of a new year – that’s kind of applause it’s cool to shoot the web people for the most satisfying is when you get those people who have just gotten here they’re completely dry they got the new shirt on they’re feeling good about life, and then you shoot them with ice-cold water that’s actually when you pay for it you’ll see people selling water it’s like you know roughly 30 cents to fill up, and they have a giant ice block in that water. So it’s not like oh man. I’ve been shot it’s like really cool it’s painfully cold it sends a shiver down your spine these guys going well now this is foam crime this is day one this is a snippet.

Because we got here at like 5:30 only an hour before sunset. So we just being a little bit full Sun Rose was packed all defective not sure what’s more housing store. But this is what goes on to three days let me know in the bucket again yeah by the third day.

I’m good you could you could refrain that would be act Oh go ahead back to the noble trail we’re gonna get some dinner, and then later tonight we’re going to go do something fun maybe go through like a bubble party maybe goes to our ta they’re all dry tell me what we just did invited strangers over leadership time environment our motel room. So. But there are trouble boulders sent me that we don’t invite everyone me on Instagram girl room we have had nothing.

But good experiences of meeting people for Instagram, and actually meeting them in person. So I was like hey let’s cut to the chase we want to go tonight we want to hang out with new people. And So they’re going to come over they’re just coming from the dinner that they’re having on their own, and Abby.

And I are having our dinner here at the Novosel. So they should be here probably in like 20 minutes roughly, and then from there have a couple drinks here, and then we’ll show you a bit of some fun night life which is my personal favorite part of it okay guys that is update oh we have let strangers into our room it’s not going very well we gonna get food don’t know how to get rid of them what’s up guys guys hey utter your name my name is Tom. I’m Tori sorry, and where you guys from England England.

I don’t know Lobby the best way to meet people, and now we’re going to go out we’re going to go to RCA which is the place. I used to go pretty much every week every second week when I was here on exchange, and we’re going to route 66 which is a club.

I highly recommend check out if you have a blog name like where do we find you oh come on Avery. I’m at is about my blog anyway it’s a good link down it’s linked down below oh it’s no professional specific to Seoul a minute here, and you guys want to see go up oh yeah India your bunny my bedroom at home.

So what is your pocket is by a yellow haze all right it’s time to leave the 1dx behind. I’m filming probably tonight with the GoPro.

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