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My name is Brock. I’m a travel post blogger with a degree in television and new media. I’m also an adventure coach. Through my travels I discover my passion and place in this world, and have made it my purpose to help others turn their travel dreams into a reality. In 2010 I set out on a one-year solo backpacking adventure around the world that took me to 36 countries on six continents. A chicken. In that one year I created over 200 videos of my journey, including destination features. Waking. Berlin. Wyland Castle. The Great Wall of China. Food bites. Fantastic. Pate. It’s gelato. At Cafe Gun Soo. Weekly travel tips. Actually sort of – Ate spaghetti. Or just – Walk away. And Bet Brock, where viewers bet me to venture out of my comfort zone.

Obviously, the trip was incredible, but it’s funny the experiences you remember the most. In my case, it was a haircut. Picture it. Rural India, June 2010, the eve of monsoon season. It’s hot. It’s loud. It’s India. I was due for a trim. Easy, right? Not in India it isn’t. After a quick chat using broken English, the barber pulled out his snippers and in no time I had this strange bob cut. Things took a turn when he stopped cutting my hair and began smacking my head. Then came some neck and ear cracking. Massaged and cracked, we finished up what we had started, and before I knew it, my Indian haircut was complete. At 90 cents, I definitely got more than what I paid for. So, if you ever find yourself in India, and you need a haircut, I can totally recommend the guy. In the meantime, if you like my entry, and you want to see more of me, I’d appreciate it if you hit the vote button below, and help me get Viatours dream travel job. Adios.
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