Hey guys we’re doing our last sweep through cleaning up the entire place, and making sure it’s ready to go, and this morning Michaela, and Courtney left for the airport. So now it’s just Lauren up today is not least sunny. But it’s not warm at all it’s a pretty cold pretty windy.

So, I’ll be wearing a jacket all day just checked out of the place, and we’re off to the Griffith Observatory, and holy crap it’s so cool looking pretty flashy pun intended pun was intended. Because he shoots reflective people there it is.

But at least it’s a beautiful clear day this guy just walked past us, and he’s like if you’re gonna disrespect my wife make sure you do it behind my back not to my face true valuable lessons guys if you’re gonna make fun of sons wife have the courtesy to do. So in there there’s a telescope that they use to look out to space, and that’s all the detail. I can give you.

But one thing. I do know is that it’s in Grand Theft Auto, and there’s actually a mission where you had to come up to the Griffith Observatory basically all of this area reminds me of grand theft auto take a look over here, and you can oversee all of Los Angeles it’s an incredible viewing point. And I think we’re finally sheltered from the wind on this side of the building sometimes relationships are about compromise, and today is a prime example Abby pulled all the way over here.

So that we can go check out a pink wall the pink wall is known as one of the most Instagram evil places in all of LA. So you’re in luck guys you’re about to see one of the top ten places to Instagram in LA. I’m not here by choice.

But head up love well what a sight. So this is the big pink wall it’s it’s big, and pink this is how long. We’ve been gone for this tumbleweed that’s grown over the parking meter right now we’re going to the Bel Air hotel which is this amazing like 5-star resort, and Abby.


And I have been invited for a lunch there. So we’re gonna get like a three-course meal, and just enjoy what Belair who told us often so. We’ve now entered Beverly Hills which is a super upscale neighborhood in California such a beautiful neighborhood this is bel-air paradise we just drove up through the bel-air neighborhood, and it’s so beautiful one of the most beautiful neighborhoods. I’ve ever seen is probably one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the whole world it’s a it’s like a gated community. So we came through a big gate, and then from there on it was just like massive little manners, and Mancha’s after mansion, and everyone has their private gate everyone has like fountains, and sculptures outside of their houses, and most of house it can’t even be seen from the road.

So you can only imagine what would be behind the gate, and this one’s a hot mess as if this place can get any more beautiful there’s a bunch of swans just swimming it upon you this is dumping out so. We’ve just arrived here they’re gonna seat us at one of the booths you got a sparkling water here Abby is looking fabulous thank you, and couscous ooh that looks delicious the appetizer has just arrived, and Lara was just saying it’s so beautiful we don’t want to touch it, and tortilla soup has just arrived oh my gosh.

I’m eating like a king this place is too fancy to point. But anyways a point this was amazing this was tortilla soup, and it was a bit spicy. But amazing, and then this was like a Mediterranean pita platter it was amazing pita butter we just found out this restaurant is also a Wolfgang Puck restaurant.

So it’s like basically like saying Chef Ramsay or you know huh even higher yeah it’s like a Michelin star at a pressure this is like 5-star restaurant, and the food is unbelievable. We’ve gotten two of the six courses basically to reach, and three courses. But realistically we won’t be able to order that much, and already getting kind of full the Fuji salad has arrived.

So it’s actually Fuji apples cut up into really thin thin slices Abby. And I are splitting steak portions, and it’s incredible. I’m struggling to get through my last little bites of my steak Abby’s not struggling Abby’s got a hollow leg as soon as you hit dad status you start making jokes like that to the dog get your shirt it’s kind of ripped all right Christian what’s the verdict that was the best meal.

I’ve ever had yeah four courses. So far, and now. I’m just waiting on dessert get me good time to look at dessert yep that’s what.

I mean seriously guys. I can’t freaking even right over there is our cork, and cork oh okay, and right over here is our coconut sorbet as an attraction at the bel-air hotel they’ve these beautiful swan that hang out in this little pond here, and oh my gosh the man was saying that they can be a little bit territorial especially this big one right there. Because there’s little babies around look at him it’s got his wings all flexed he’s ready to go.

I’ve been waiting for this big Swan over here to do some movement like to swim across. Because it gets into a huge wingspan like making all these noises it’s absolutely insane. But it’s not moving right now, and we need to go catch the sunset in Santa Monica before the Sun Goes Down otherwise it won’t be a sunset amazing time here at Hotel bel-air Abby any comments any feedback ten out of ten would recommend the best meal.

I’ve ever had actually though. I could it probably is in my top three meals of my life. So alright we’re on that mission for that Instagram photo Abby’s doing another outfit change to a third outfit of the day.

Because she’s found the stereotypical LA shot look at these palm trees look at that okay that’s good. I like it yeah that’s great all right. We’ve just arrived in Santa Monica, and the hill is just over there beautiful Santa Monica it’s such an amazing day we’re good free parking to friggin score hot pocket the other day for like five dollars look at this the Sun has just cleared the clouds, and things are beautiful what is she doing doesn’t even know her someone proclaim your girlfriend please my battery’s dying, and we’re heading to Starbucks now to get a drink to pick me up because.

We’ve got a lot of editing to do tonight incredible day thank you so much until bel-air Thank You California, and yeah to you. And I got a Church’s battery, and, I’ll talk to you guys later not friggin fair.

I want to live here. So bad. I hate you California.

I’m so jealous yeah. I don’t know it speculation.

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