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As the Byzantine churches have unique icons and frescoes they are locked. If you wish to visit any of these churches we recommend you to ask at the kafeneion (coffee shop) of the village for the priest or any other responsible person who could open the church for you. While visiting the churches and monasteries you should avoid to wear shorts or short dresses.

Most of the Monasteries have visiting hours usually from 09:30 or 10:0016:00 hrs from Nov.-May and 10:00-18:00 from June-October. Some of them are closed during lunch time.

Normally village medieval churches and other village monuments are closed.

The community priest or some other person can provide the visitor with the key or can open the door for him free of charge. If you conduct a visit on your own, without the services of a guide, be sure you ask for the key at the village central square or the kafeneion (cafe).

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Best Vacation Spots In Central Cyprus

3. Taxi Service

Service taxis are available in the main towns. Transurban taxis operate from 06.00 – 18.30 (19.30 in summer) and provide connections between Nicosia and all towns. Seats are shared with other people and can be bloged by phone.The passenger can be picked up from his home or hotel.

Urban taxis are available in Nicosia and can be bloged by phone or be hired from their base station. Passengers are dropped at any place they wish.

Best Vacation Spots In North Cyprus

4. Car Driving

Cyprus has excellent asphalted roads complying with international traffic requirements, which link the main towns with villages. Four-lane motorways connect Nicosia with Limassol and Larnaka as well as Limassol with Larnaka, Larnaka with Agia Napa and Paralimni and Limassol with Pafos.

Visitors can drive in Cyprus provided they possess either an international driving licence or their national driving licence.

Petrol can be bought at numerous petrol stations within the towns or in many villages during the week (except Wednesdays afternoons) from 6a.m-6p.m and on Saturdays (6a.m – 2p.m).

Petrol stations are equipped with petrol vending machines where service is available for 24 hours.

Best Vacation Spots South Cyprus

Traffic in Cyprus moves on the left hand-side of the road and NOT on the right. International road traffic signs are in use and are placed along the roads and highways, on the left hand-side.

Huge signposts with place-names indicated in Greek and Roman script.

The road speed, unless otherwise indicated, is 100 km on the motorways and 80 km in all other roads.

In the urban areas the road speed is 50 km, unless otherwise indicated. Seat belts for front seat passengers is compulsory.

Car Rentals – Hire Cars: Self drive cars known as “Z cars”, because their number plates are marked by a “Z”, can be hired by many car rental firms all over Cyprus at reasonable prices.

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