Guys welcome that’s your 75 there’s a first time for our guy three five seven yeah it’s three five seven four five that is the view for breakfast you guys look who got off your lap it isn’t mrs. reed’s hello well guys it’s safe to say my blog is finally gonna be back on track Abby’s here. I can start getting more views for bikini shots it’s gonna be great as Adrienne bliss says you know don’t get rid of her until you run out of Adsense money to make off of them.

I think. I can squeeze a few more dollars out of Abby’s buzz okay guys was trying to put me in her snap story. But every time she takes a photo half my head is missing it’s kind of repositioned.

But earlier he just looked like he was dying on the beach it was awesome the face recognition is like selecting your bum it’s like not even going on your face okay work it work it, and wave after wave slowly drifting drifting away or is it a whale no definitely a whale definitely away he said he doesn’t want photos taken of himself. And I took them anyways. So there you go baby watch much virtually on the beach right now, and it’s.

So nice we check out of a hotel, and then we’re going to a different hotel we’re in the back to the beach, and my face is not in it. I don’t notice sorry well you should. I can’t this is awkward just leaving three five seven Boracay amazing stay it’s actually.

So comfy there. I felt at home, and the beach is my favorite yet by far the best we will be back to hang out in the speech area. But for now we’re checking into a residency that we found on the gota you are definitely a Franklin look at him Oh looking a bit sick you a bit sickly.

But very cute. I can tell ya this is what we found into goethe for 50 US dollars a night during high season to Boracay. So rocket it’s.

Boracay Photo Gallery

I’m gonna keep saying for akka this is it check it check it we got a nice great painting there nut grapes. But something we got a nice bed a couch a TV there’s a vault in there in there there’s a speaker, and the bathroom that’s not the bathroom that’s the bathroom. I think it’s a really good fine for 50 bucks stoked Abby ran upstairs to go get that dog some water that really cute dog was a little sickly.

But it was a cutest dog it kept like wagging its tail, and trying to lick us, and cuddle us but I couldn’t get myself to touch that one did you find it. I didn’t find a dog.

I went to a feeded of water. Because he look was at the puppies usually thirsty, and then now he’s gone he’s gonna be dead probably guys is immoral we can learn from that guy there on the scooter with about 3,000 bottles of Mountain Dew. So when even when you’re stuck in the thick of it just keep going, and you’ll make it hello hi there we just ordered some pizza we’re in this place called the tree house in Boracay, and they’re playing these really chilled out reggae remix as a pop song.

So it’s really cool oh there’s her thank you this is what it’ll be like when you come to tells me stage’ is just a sweaty mess all the time you don’t have your mask. But you’re a virus buddy. So tonight we’re going to watch the sunset no distractions, and then we’ll get some cocktails go check out what parties are going on let’s continue being in love in general this is the most relaxed.

I’ve been since arriving in Boracay know just because. I’m lounging in the Sun soaking in the rain get out my camera shoot a bit of slow motion record some people throw a little text over them pretend. I know what they’re saying thrown back to the interest of cards Bacardi like this post development Facebook relationshipgoals no it’s not we were just fighting that does happen though Abby got mad at me.

Because I told her her Instagram photo the photo she’s gonna Instagram wasn’t very good, and then she lashed out. I didn’t watch oh. I did watch it just.

But it’s okay guys you can’t all be lost LeBlanc you’re dead oh. I didn’t mean that no squish. I didn’t read that.

I would change my name to lost Abby, and then just like post the same photos of you, and then delete your Instagram account in the night send your questions to my snapchat not only different. I’m. And I will turn it public three days after this post is posted ask me, and Abby anything anything catching the sunset you got vision News playing soccer you’ll have seen the time-lapse before this right now where.

I want me to just hang out by myself but I think tonight were to go, and there’s like a big party happening down there. I’m sorry if we’re looking in the viewfinder.

I’m still like you sure. I know people like it bad when you do that, and yeah it’s really nice here. Because every kind of Philippines.

I definitely recommend this lot of fun there’s like lots of stuff to do in the beaches are beautiful yeah like just got back to the crib getting ready for tonight. I’m gonna have a couple beers maybe three, and see where the night goes from there that’s really all. I mean then have too much to say back at the place hey guys floor again.

So we are headed out shortly Christian is taking a sweet time for once. I’m actually waiting for him with which never really happened. I decided to wear a bathing suit boom foam party ready to go.

But yeah there’s Christian oh my god where’s our clue under angle, and Illinois, and lay on the labels it’s really awful maybe it’s just don’t shed your presence isn’t really nice left you left this little bit haha it’s my evil laugh. I’m taking over the world with my next instant action audience ago. I’m taking over the world or at least the Philippines with my next viral post may be posted my Maldives one-minute teaser to Facebook well it’s not the Maldives it looks like the Maldives it’s the Philippines, and it has 110 shares in 25 minutes okay.

So we’re at section three we’re going to section two now by motorcycle all right don’t judge us Oh reading our weights set Miguel Lane, and they’re not that cool semi go light have a warm one hello they’re just like listing off sponsors. So it’s not very enchanting right now well Abby said we’re on our own Club girl right now. We’ve been to three bars nothing’s really like nothing’s really happening whenever.

I say a good joke to someone it’s like okay time to get my blogging camera, and say it again. So anyways he’s working the night shift same time no no it’s funny second time it’s still pretty good he’s working the night shift hello sir hands off the merchandise Oh initial observations first of all labora KY may be at boracay in general not very many Westerners is people. So yeah I’d say the majority seem like they’re from the Philippines there’s also some Chinese definitely maybe some Japanese.

But very few Westerners what else it seems a bit weird like it’s not the kind of party you’d expect where it’s like oh you know everyone’s in a good spirit everyone’s having a lot of fun it almost just seems like everyone’s just The Walking Dead lots of families lots of awkward stuff going on like it’s just. I don’t know you’re not loving it that’s for sure it’s a big place. I’m sure we can find a few good people, and have a good night if you think about what everybody actually means it means everybody like.

I have a body they have bodies everybody. I was explained to them what everybody means next time someone says hey everybody be like you mean everybody don’t worry baby my dad owns this resort this is ours we own this madam my father built this place one brick at a time he’s got a unicorn on his balcony. So we are currently, and at the end of the night tonight was fun.

But fishing killed the party said he want to go home what. I didn’t want to stay out much longer honestly labora kai is severely overrated. I could not possibly recommend labora Kai based on what.

I saw tonight. But we went to it, and at the end of the night we have your night guys, and let’s get lost again. I thought you’d already said get off it yeah.

I did no it’s my evil laugh. I’m taking over taking over the internets.

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