Hey. I feel like a million bucks staying here was like a vacation within a vacation.

I feel. So refreshed 8:00 in the morning. I’m gonna be heading to the ferry right about now.

And I have to drop off my scooter, and then. I’m getting on to our lumpia speed catamaran which. I’m not excited about whatsoever.

I just hope it’s not nearly as rocky as last time. Because if. So then two hours of that is gonna be hell goodbye one goodbye ugly brother whose name.

I forgot goodbye refreshing infinity pool just return my scooter here at Island travel. And I’m not necessarily saying that they’re the best on the island. But hey they gave me back my passport, and they didn’t give me any hassle when.

I returned my bike they also had a pretty decent system going. So island travels worry about my bike, and yeah my ferry is in 30 minutes all right this looks really good. I got you quick though all aboard the seasickness Express what’s up guys.


I’ve arrived in Koh Samui. And I’m just at my buddy Adrian’s place overexposed we just went swimming in there, and we’re gonna go, and explore Koh Samui a little bit this is smiling Buddha no he just happens to be smiling yeah all right. So this is Adrian, and Adrian Adrian.

And I were in the same Sigma Chi fraternity, and now he lives out in Koh Samui. So some other me he had a job he quit it, and now he’s living the good life that’s true. And I’m into that tomorrow, I’ll be renting a bike with Adrian we’ll be going touring around the island.

And I’m gonna have to do a better job with sunscreen tomorrow. Because I got. So burnt.

So this is smiling Buddha here in Koh Samui, and the sun’s just setting over there. So the Lighting’s perfect we are drinking death by chocolate it’s Kahlua, and liquor basically ice cream get me good both the tomato being me just finished dinner, and we’re gonna head back to Adrian’s place now that’s pretty much the end of the night, and the end of my blog sees more morning guys. I’m just doing a little editing finished formatting all my memory cards.

So they were all full that took me like an hour to move files around, and today we’re gonna go explore cool some boy look how burnt. I am. I’m just at the Bangkok pier here in Koh Samui.

And I’m gonna grab a book ticket taking me to crabby on Monday. So that’s two dates from now just got my tickets go to railay it’s gonna be about a six, and a half hour trip to get there, and it’s 800 baht. So that’s like $30 not too bad right there is that statue is that yesterday is that Big Buddha not the smiling one ticket is booked, and now.

I’m going to go get my scooter set up, and then we’re going to an air bar tonight where. I’ve been kindly invited to come visit, and check it out all right for 200 baht. I got my bike let me introduce you to my friend for the next two days this year is scoopy oh yeah cruising in style.

I’m looking. So good we just arrived the big seat which is a big shopping mall. I’m going to get calf chicken noodle steams sounds delicious, and if that doesn’t have you soul, and chicken noodles rips, and chicken balls will this meal reminds me.

So much of terminal 21 you guys watch my old blogs we would get meals at the mall for like. I don’t know a dollar fifty two dollars American, and Adrian’s cheat day is today he literally just ate seven Donuts okay just leaving big see now. I’m hopping back on scoopy let me go explore around a little bit.

And I have to say this is the hottest day that. I’ve been in Thailand. So far also make sure you bring sunscreens you come to Thailand it’s literally like five times more expensive here they can price discriminate they know you’re white if you’re buying sunscreen.

Because the Thai people buy sunscreen with bleach in it, and white people don’t wear bleach. So bring something $1 later full-tang well. I have a flat.

I was coming down the road, and then. I noticed my bike was swaying side to side. So looks like my back tire popped.

I don’t know what happened. So only like a block away like two minutes away from where. I’ve got a flat we have a mechanic will fixed it for 150 baht that’s like five bucks.

I was just joking Adriene telling the pilot he’s probably the same guy that set up like a spike strip right up front all right not even ten minutes later we’re back at it Snoopy is back on the road she’s got a fixed tire, and we had a nice pit stop. I got a Nescafe feeling good this is a coconut pull it out with coconut ice cream chocolate peanuts a bit of water. I think we’re checking out a beach that is known for rocks that look like penises, and vaginas can’t wait to show you guys look at this beach here this is paradise.

So over there you can kind of faintly see a penis Rock, and right here well oh dear to be honest. I don’t think it lives up to the name. I expected a little bit more but.

I see where they going with it. I guess you could say. I’m really excited to be here you or what all right we have just arrived at the Intercontinental where we are going to watch the sunset.

I was actually messaged through Instagram to come, and check out the bar. So tonight Adrienne. And I are going to get some snacks, and some drinks here at their air bar.

And I’m really pumped to check it out it looks beautiful, and here comes a ride let’s scratch that here’s our ride it’s gonna bring us like 10 feet up there we’re here. So this looks pretty nice. We’ve just arrived at the air bar it is so bright look at this view this is something else this is probably one of the most beautiful infinity pools. I’ve ever seen oh, and there’s the sky bar or the air bar just over there this is. So nice this is definitely the nicest patio bar.

I’ve ever seen in my life holy crap. So this is hon give me my post blood works here at the Intercontinental, and she is touring us around we’re gonna go down to the beach okay yeah yeah. So this is the private beach here at the Intercontinental up the bar that we’re just out right there we steamed through a shuttle down here, and this is their private beach all right.

So we’re heading back to the lobby to get a sunset grab a cocktail, and take advantage of the beautiful infinity pool all right guys had a lot of good stunts that’s my life but I don’t know how many can compete with this sunset. And I just got a strawberry daiquiri boom all right amazing time at the Intercontinental one of the best sunsets now it’s time to ride all right guys.

I’m going out tonight. And I’m gonna leave my camera behind. I deserve a night off once again could have used a little more sunscreen.

But it was an amazing day we saw so much of cool Savoy, and what an incredible sunset there was gonna be another great day, and Colson boy. So, I’ll see you guys then, and have a gonna see you later.

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