Brixen Travel Guide For Tourist: The Map Of Brixen

brixen travel guide for tourist the map of brixen 11

When you’re traveling, it can be hard to get your bearings. You may be lost or surrounded by signage that’s not familiar. A travel guide can help you find where you are going and decode the waypoint system on signage. This Brixen Travel Guide for Tourist explains what different signs mean and how to avoid getting lost in Brixen, Italy.

Map of Brixen

Brixen is a picturesque town in the province of South Tyrol, Italy. In fact, it is so beautiful that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Brixen is located on the southern slopes of the Dolomites and is surrounded by stunningly steep mountains and valleys.

As you can see on the map below, Brixen is situated in the heart of the Dolomites mountain range. The town itself is only about 2 square kilometers, but there are plenty of things to do and see in and around Brixen.

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History of the Region

Brixen is located in the east of Italy, in the province of Trentino-Alto Adige. It is a beautiful and peaceful town that attracts tourists from all over the world. Brixen was founded in the 12th century by Count Berchtold von Andechs, as a fortification against nomadic invasions from the north. The town was named after its founder, Brixen, and it quickly became an important trade center thanks to its location on the Brenner Pass. Brixen prospered as a stop on important trade routes between Italy and Austria until World War II.

In 1938, when Italy capitulated to Nazi Germany, Brixen was annexed into the Reichskommissariat Tyrol. The town was liberated by Allied troops in May 1945 and became part of the newly created state of Austria.

Today, Brixen is a charming small town with an interesting history. It is a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful scenery and peaceful atmosphere. The town is home to a number of impressive historical buildings, including the Baroque Town Hall and the Church of San Giuseppe.

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What to Do in Brixen?

Planning a trip to Brixen? Here’s everything you need to know about this picturesque mountain town in southern Italy. Whether you’re a tourist looking for things to do or just want to learn more about the area, this travel guide is for you!

First things first: where is Brixen? Brixen is located in Italy’s province of South Tyrol and can be found halfway between Bolzano and Meran. If you’re planning on travelling there by car, be sure to take the A22 motorway west from Bolzano. From there, head south on the SS108 until you reach Brixen.

Once you arrive in town, don’t forget to explore the surrounding countryside. Brixen is home to some stunning lakes and mountains, so make sure to pack your hiking boots! Some popular hikes include the path up to the Grossglockner Hochalpenstraße summit (5,797 feet/1,764 meters), Mount Tegernsee (4,944 feet/1,516 meters), and Mount Konigssee (3,798 feet/1,118 meters).

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Restaurants and Food

Brixen is a small town in the province of South Tyrol, located in the northern Dolomites. It’s known for its wines, particularly its sparkling rieslings, and for its traditional cuisine.

The town is divided into two parts – the old part and the new part. The old part is on a hill, while the new part is on a plain. There are many restaurants in Brixen, serving both Italian and local dishes.

The best way to find out about the local food is to take a food tour with a local guide. There are many food tours available in Brixen, and most of them include a visit to a winery.

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Attractions and Activities


-Brixen Cathedral: The beautiful cathedral of Brixen is a must-see for any tourist in the area. It is full of intricate art and features some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in the region.

-The Sasso delle Camicie: This large, boulder-strewn mountain is a popular spot for hikers and climbers. At over 2,000 feet, it offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

-The Villa Adelchi: This beautifully restored eighteenth century villa is a lovely spot to relax after exploring the city. It features an impressive garden and plenty of interesting period features.


-Hiking: Brixen is home to several well-marked hiking trails that are perfect for a leisurely walk or hike. Some of the more popular trails include the “Romantic Walk” and the “Brixen High Alpine Path”.

-Climbing: If you’re looking for a challenging outdoor activity, Brixen is definitely worth exploring for climbers. There are several climbing routes available in and around the city, including the Sasso delle Camicie mountain.

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Where to Stay in Brixen

Brixen is a small town in the North West of Italy and it’s well worth spending a few days exploring its charming alleys and medieval churches. The following list includes some of the best places to stay in Brixen.

1) Hotel Cifelli: This charming hotel is situated just off the main square, and offers simple but comfortable rooms at reasonable prices. There’s also a small pool on site which is popular with locals and tourists alike.

2) Hotel Villa Olmo: Just a short walk from the centre of town, this hotel offers stylish rooms with elegant furnishings and all the modern amenities you could need. There’s also a swimming pool and gardens for guests to enjoy.

3) Pensione Andres: This pensione is situated right on the main square, close to all the attractions in Brixen. It offers spacious and brightly decorated rooms, as well as excellent value for money.

4) Pensione Giusti: Just down the road from Pensione Andres, Pensione Giusti offers even better value for money thanks to its low price tag and excellent location.

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive travel guide to Brixen, Italy, be sure to check out our map of the city. The map includes all the important tourist destinations and points of interest in Brixen, as well as detailed instructions on how to get there. Whether you are planning a brief visit or a longer stay, our map will help you get around town with ease.

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