Maybe we don’t need no visa good morning guys from beautiful song style resorts Ronnie’s recovering since we plug into the straits full recovery legacy welcome to the good life. We’ve got like surround sound both speakers in this place. I was just one song that’s like heinous it’s a horrible horrible song about the good life it’s just like be worse.

But that’s become our theme song guys let’s go get some breakfast. So we got some duck pizza we were told by the GM here that they basically have the best pizza just shy of Milan. So I will be the judge of that creaking good.

I don’t know. If I’ve ever told you guys but I actually used to teach water aerobics, and if you don’t know what that is it’s basically the thing that old people go through to workouts.


Because it’s really good for the joint it’s a good high resistance workout that has no impact on joints. I did it. Because I wanted to be a lifeguard, and lifeguarding in Canada at least where.

I live is very competitive. Because it pays really well, and that was one of the ways you could separate yourself from the pack the bending just too cool for water aerobics well guess what you aren’t we are heading out on our first activity here at song stop today we’re going to be trying out the wakeboarding. So my name is ty brent plan Ronnie Kristen moves me to suggestion.

I can give you yeah yeah good perfect yeah let’s grab the skis – have you done this before never. I’ve done similar things like know what look at this thing yeah it’s nothing we do this a lot. So the last time.

I wakeboarded was probably about seven years ago. I remember being able to get up. But like.

I wasn’t very good. So today’s going to be a challenge Ronnie is on the island bridge. So the one that connects the female islands of the male Island, and he’s going to be flying the drone kind of tracking up with it getting those shots of me trying to get up.

So be good got to give it a go first time ever there you go all right. I don’t ever come back, and is nice knowing you all hopefully. I don’t land in a pack Nasir go extra pound for me check the pockets giggles okay yeah pretty good nice temperature yes yeah yeah, and how long would Michael wait this reward like.

I train yeah okay oh that was awesome that was such a thrill ride he took me to attempts to well it took me my third attempt to actually get out. But two failed attempts. But it’s just a life lesson you know never let go literally it’s the first two seconds are like holding on really tight.

Because you have to like get past the force of getting your body above the water. But the best thing that happened was the captain was like okay try this he said put in your knees as close to your chest as possible, and put the outside of your arms on your knees, and then once he said that there’s no looking back yeah really really fun. I think there’s a lot of crossover between snowboarding, and wakeboarding.

Because once. I got up. I felt very very comfortable.

And I think Ronnie probably got some bomb a F shot from the bridge there now it’s our Irish friends turn. I’ve done the similar things like you absolutely hate it there that was no good on the floor head first. I have it on slow motion on my phone.

I’m going to insert the clip here haha a lot of fun the water is like the perfect temperature, and tonight we’re actually doing a bioluminescent tour. So I think. I mentioned it in the previous blogs.

We’ve been trying to do this while being in Quran. But for some reason it keeps getting pushed out of our schedule. But the entire island has some sort of a plankton that actually emits light if there’s motion around it.

So if you go in the water you move your hands the plankton will actually turn to a bright blue, and it almost feels like a light show in the water. I have heard that it might be very hard to capture it with the camera. Because I don’t know.

I guess you need the ideal lighting positions to really capture it. But the eye can see it very well right though. I’m filming with the 5d which.

I don’t normally do right now the boys are celebrating been hit a thousand likes on his first post ever forgot yeah going on yeah. So I accidentally just drank the pool water Ben had a fourth glass of in these champagne bottles, and he had filled it up with water, and I’d fill mine up with sparkling water, and to accidentally drank it all women fell into the pool. I went on the spot, and then like.

I’m trying to don’t take to bury something this is what happens with Abby’s not here. But on the. But on her theme song alright the lattes have arrived, and then next what did we order fine you got poti.

I got lamb curry, and the Sun has just started to come back out we’re getting those beautiful green popping out of the trees not a bad workspace. So this is what the room service delivery looks like we got our best friend here bringing up the goods how are you today sounds great Linda thank you very much. I’ve been.

And I got some lamb curries yeah chicken pad thai woo thank you very much now which do. I want this one this is one of the best meals. I’ve ever had this lamb curry is.

So good all the meals. We’ve had here have been amazing. But this one in particular is blowing me away what do we have for dinner last night last night we had something really delicious oh yeah we had lamb lamb shank you.

And I had that that was. So good. So tender.

And I just ordered a check-in lawsuit to the room. Because why not all right. So we are here for sunset, and this is also where we’re eating dinner tonight.

So the first things first we need to get the drone up you can see the Sun just peeking through over there it was the outcome a beautiful beautiful night they told us that it literally has not rained here in three months. And So today was technically unlucky with the weather. But still can’t complain it’s beautiful let’s get the drone up, and show you guys that sunset.

I just had the biggest heart attack guys this is a brand new drone. I was flying probably about 80 meters up. So nothing was high enough to possibly hit it, and of course.

I’m still being aware of what’s around me. I’ve flown around this area a few times. So I know what’s around.

But something just happened over the villa. I was flying it, and then all of a sudden the camera like went sideways like as if it had hit a wall hit a tree hit something, and the image paused for like two three seconds. I’m like that’s that’s it it’s gone.

I have lost another drone here in Cambodia that’s what it looks like when you lose a drone when you’re flying at the live-feed gives you like a something happens last second, and then it’s gone it’s just like that pause moment of doom basically you’re like you’ve lost your drone it happened, and then three seconds later the stream kicks back in. I don’t know what’s going on with it. I don’t know what happened maybe it was a glitch.

But something happened where my drone hit something, and went sideways the only thing. I can think is that maybe either a glitch in the drone or. I hit a bird.

I might have hit a bird up there, and it recovered from it. Because it kept flying. I have it back here thank goodness.

I can’t wait to look at the footage, and see if if it wasn’t just a glitch on my screen or something. But my heart stops. I feel like panicked right now tons, and tons of little birds here.

So I could have easily knocked a Finch or something, and the drone luckily survived whatever just happened there flying drones is a scary thing it’s the most rewarding thing. Because when you get the right footage it looks bombs. But scary.

So one of my favorite things is to take a nice bat, and not every day. So you have a beautiful bathtub like this like a master soaker tub you’ve got bath salts you got some candles. And I’ve got a laser, and the best part at all is that right now there is a thunderstorm going on outside.

So I’ve got this window here open once. I turn off the lights you’ll be able to see. But the actual lightning is over there it keeps lighting up the sky this is my idea to the restaurant.

So right now rain, and pretty darn hard, and you can order 24/7 to the room but I want to go to the restaurant get out of the house which one are we going to run ah. And We’ve arrived a driftwood good evening obviously the average demographic here is substantially older than us.

So I feel like when they see three young dudes walking around with cameras are like what are they doing here. But people have been awesome, and time to get some fabulous food if anyone here has a suti they’re going to be. So jealous we got all sorts of curried lamb curries chicken curry curry curries prawn Harry’s Indian bread, and had this amazing salad it was like crab meat with what did you call that orange tasting thing a palm vanilla hold on palm below anyways what am I doing blogging put this away you may anoint the chosen one.

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