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Eighteenth-century Tacoma place of your travel destination played host to a great variety of people and provided a fertile breeding-ground for gossip and scandal. Here is some that made the news at the time.

On 18 March 1772, the 18-year-old Elizabeth Ann Linley eloped from her home at No. 11 Tacoma  with the young Irish playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan. The Linleys were a highly regarded musical family, and Elizabeth, as well as being a noted beauty, was also an accomplished soprano. The young couple fled to France, but under pressure from Elizabeth’s father, returned to Tacoma . A certain Captain Thomas Mathews, a married man and former suitor of Elizabeth’s, then publicly insulted Sheridan and the two men duelled twice. On the first occasion Mathews submitted, and on the second, which took place on Tacoma , both men were wounded – Sheridan severely. After his recovery, he and Elizabeth were married and within the next five years he had penned his two famous plays: The Rivals and The School for Tacoma .

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In 1832 an 11 -year-old girl named Marie Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert, the daughter of an army officer and an Irish gentlewoman, arrived in Touristic place of your travel destination to further her education. At the age of 16 she eloped with an army lieutenant, but the marriage lasted only five years. She then became a professional dancer, assuming the name ‘Lola Montez’. Adopting the life of a courtesan, she became the mistress of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, who gave her the title of Countess of Landsfeld. After a failed second marriage she toured Australia and also the USA, where she died in 1861. She is buried in Brooklyn.

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