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The TV chef, ‘clean-eating deli’ owner and weight-loss expert reveals how she eats to stay in shape.

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‘I’m an intermittent faster, so I skip breakfast. But if I do have something, it’s a Bulletproof coffee, which is coffee with brain octane oil and grass-fed butter blended up. This keeps me going till around 2pm, which is when I break my fast. If I work out in the morning, it’s HIIT training, which is especially effective at stripping fat when your body is in a fasted state.’


‘I snack on protein balls, using my own recipe which contains slow-release carbohydrates, plus nuts – but be careful with your nut portions – I buy the individual portion packs.’


‘I’ll always have a protein shake and some salad and lean protein, plus a protein ball. At work [Stacie’s Eat Naked cafe in Brighton], we do three salads and they all have interesting stuff in them. Today, I had a raw vegan Pad Thai with a peanut and sesame ‘siracha’ dressing which is in my book. It’s less than 100 calories. I had that with three slices of salami with fennel.’


‘Eggs, grass-fed butter, lean protein (turkey, chicken, fish), almond milk.’


‘I cook my own dinner as often as possible. When I get home, I put something on in the slow cooker and go to the gym. I do weights work at night, rather than first thing. Dinner might be a curry with rice or a baked sweet potato with a ragu. Last night, I had sausage, sweet potato mash and loads of veg. If I eat out, I make careful choices. I love Nando’s, where I’ll have chicken and a baked sweet potato – you can look online to see the nutritional breakdown of each dish. If I have anIndian for a treat, I’ll have rice or naan bread, but not both. I still have a goal to stick to.’


‘I have a protein shake after I train – liquid protein is proven to be the best way to repair your muscles. I also take magnesium for muscle recovery and repair, and a probiotic.’


‘I sip on three to four litres of water a day. I believe sipping rather than gulping it down helps your body get more benefits.I’ll have almond milk in my protein shakes and a few nettle and green teas.’


A Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut – it’s less than 200 calories!


Many people find intermittent fasting a useful way to manage their weight, but a low-calorie diet can make it difficult to get all the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy. In addition to the supplements she takes, I’d suggest Stacie takes a multivitamin and mineral supplement and a prebiotic to complement the probiotic. Stacie should make sure her almond milk’s fortified with calcium and vitamin D, too. A mug of Bulletproof coffee has around 300 calories so she could have a healthy breakfast instead. Checking the nutritional values of foods online before she eats out is a good idea.

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