They got a sausage, and cheddar breakfast sandwich, and, I’ll also get a tall latte half-price lawyers it actually looks like there’s a hashtag in this guy alright guys. So we are almost near the Grand Canyon we’re in Williams which is where we’re actually staying tonight it took us about three, and a half hours to get here. We’ve got another half an hour 45 minutes to the Grand Canyon.

And I’m on skype with Abby. And I think we’re getting at this family dining place here in Williams very much a small-town feel. I feel like.

I’m back like 30 years the backbone of America cruisers Cafe 66 look at this bathroom stall they even use car doors as the divider. So we were just about. I think five miles away from the actual Grand Canyon’s, and we’re in the National Geographic center where we’ll get a bit of a briefing on the Grand Canyon watch a movie big theater for a big Canyon well.


I’m content. We’ve seen the Grand Canyon’s we can now go home we have just arrived at the Grand Canyon National Park all right. I have just arrived at the Grand Canyon National Park, and it’s absolutely stunning outside welcome to the Grand Canyon we finally made it four hours later you can see forever, and it just drops way down massive crater he’s back this is pretty much the definition of society now one thing to see 1 million cameras its hornless mousse, and there’s a flock of them also known as nice plural for mousse please charge him yeah it doesn’t seem to care.

So we are up here then you can see it gets flat, and then there’s even more crevices. So more canyons in between these flats it goes on forever, and we see some running water we think right there definitely water whether it’s running or not. I’m not sure this speck here, and the speck right here.

So annoying. I’m have to return my camera to Canon to get that repaired. Because it’s actually inside of the lens that’s not supposed to happen.

But that’s what happens when you put a camera in your pocket all the time. I guess sometimes dust will get in there but I still think it should have been sealed.

So I’m assuming Canon will swap it out the only issue is. I leave for my trip quite soon. I’m.

So proud of myself 14 people dying for you here hopefully we’re not to be in that statistic, and then also. I’m almost saying that the effects of erosion from running water will basically take away the thickness of a piece of paper from the walls. So obviously goes the show takes millions, and millions of years to open up the canyons to the size that they are now the more you learn the more you earn that’s a simple pleasures here in the Grand Canyon you’re not gonna go grab some dinner we Came we saw what a sick twisted society we live in when people expect the wheelchairs to come through the rocks despicable alright guys we were back at the Visitor Center, and in total we walked 8, and 1/2 kilometers today it was unbelievable the Grand Canyon is stunning you actually have to come see in person this blog will not do a justice the Sun is just about to set, and we’re gonna head back to where we’re staying tonight it’s been an hour drive so.

We’ve got a bit of a drive ahead of us, and the battery on my camera is dying here. So I’m gonna call it the end of the night see you guys in tomorrow’s blog for day number 5 in Vegas see that.

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