Chinese New Year in Bangkok

It won’t go.

So the law if on God Saturday there’s an all-day music festival called color. And that’s just outside of Bangkok like a wakeboarding park we’ll be doing that today. I am going to see my friend who is pretty much dying of sickness he’s been sick for the past three weeks now.

And I think the doctor said it could be another three to four weeks for him to recover. So, it’s pretty awful, it’s not contagious, it’s only through saliva. So as long as they don’t kiss him.

I think. I should be alright come on cap business center. And accounting just went paid for my month’s rent.

So it was about eleven thousand. And a half baht which is about, it’s less than four hundred dollars to stay out of really nice place four hundred dollars would definitely do my hydro bill was probably about some people user a see all the time and. So there hydro bill gets really expensive but.

I only use a fan. So my hydro was like twelve dollars for the month whereas some people will get up to like hundred fifty dollars. So just arrived at my buddy’s place, it’s a massive building in the middle of nowhere, it’s like a little oasis like there’s bushes kind of blocking out what’s over there cuz, it’s just over on the side of the hedges is all like really poor area here at about me for a 220 bar which is about six or seven dollars, it’s about seven dollars let’s see how it goes that’s.

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So cool do you think, it’s eat it up this is. So nice actually like. I don’t know what.

I expected it to be kind of sketchy for the Pricer thing but they even the me it looks really good this is way together. So many people as later the guns very 110 baht. So another three dollars who kills to do all you can drink for one out no two hours.

So maybe that’ll be a good pregame before going out tonight just got myself a delicious ice cream on a stick today. I got pulled over for the third time this time. I actually had to pay the ticket.

I was driving my scooter in the second lane which you’re only supposed to be in the far left lane apparently. I didn’t know that. I keep learning new rules as.

I get pulled over. And anyway. So yeah the officer was like pay me 300 baht.

And you don’t have to go to the police station. So I basically kept saying oh no, I’m a with Chulalongkorn which is university, I’m studying at because basically you’re like royalty if you go to the University. And so.

I was able to get it down to a 100 baht but which is only like $3. So, it’s no big deal but, it’s like the third time, we’ve been pulled over the last two times. I’ve been able to get off of it just by my university.

So let’s hope. I don’t get pulled over as. I go to the gym now bangkok traffic is absolutely crazy like this is like a six or seven layin road going both directions five us actually about eight or nine lanes.

And it just totally backed up that’s why people love the scooters because you can go up between all the cars. So I just locked my helmets in my bike oh we had on to carry it around but yeah. So.

I’ve just arrived at where the gym is, it’s inside of a mall actually most of the gyms. I’ve been to. So far all the nice ones at least are usually inside of malls Bangkok actually has.

So many nice malls this is terminal 21 pretty much any brand you could get back home is you can get whatever you need domine fail. And on the top of them all they have a really nice theater. So you can see any of the current movies.

And the nicest thing is to see a movie here it only costs like 3 to 4 dollars. So wait cheap in the back home is one of the days of the Chinese New Year. So a lot of different festivals.

And shows going that’s what you call it trust fall spoiler the dragon wins. So we are here in Chinatown then you can be in my vlog she’s from Canada – that’s why she’s fools they’re off to get some duck oh my gosh dragons are real. I managed to lose everyone.

I followed the wrong way people. And no. I am left alone to fend for myself install elements.

I have left as my fans thank you to all of you reading this. I was trying to make a nice healthy meal. And things kind of backfired now.

I got a broken egg on the ground just great just what a fantastic way to start my night off. And if things can get worse. I accidentally used sunscreen as hair gel so.

I had to go take a shower again. And get sunscreen out of my hair this is why we can’t have nice things this is depressing welcome to cooking with Christiane today, we’re gonna make an egg basically what you do here is you take the egg crack it open, it’s kind of a coupon hand you put it you put it in there. And then you wait till it cooks.

And then you have an egg. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy then why not try some wait wait protein what you do is you take some milk put it in a glass. And then put the whey protein in there.

And stir it up, it’s really chunky. And you just got to swallow it whole but you know that’s how you cook. So thank you for tuning in today.

And maybe next week we’ll try a canned tuna also word of advice. I would put butter or oil in the pan next time otherwise you will get everything sticking to the pan like it is right now. So, I’m about to eat some burnt eggs.

And yeah call it a night there wanna again thank you all my fans for tuning in if you want to comment below how you like your eggs. I would love to to talk about eggs with you. And yeah.

I spent all day today sitting out by the pool. So I got a bit of a burn. I don’t know if you can really see it or not but not really good timing because tomorrow, I’m going to an outdoor music festival.

So I’ll be listening some deep house music some German DJ dude. I don’t know any European DJs but spend something something he’s gonna be playing. So that’d be cool don’t listen to me you’ll see it I’ll bring you guys.

I know we should have brought you to the pool today, I’m really sorry. I promise to be a better vlogger. And include you in more things okay so.

I just turn my TV onto the first time. And I just found out we have 24/7 national cruise at six this is probably the best day of my life whoa extreme future cyber cats oh you know I’ll try to post a vlog by tonight but I you know don’t lose sleep over it guys.

I can’t guarantee a time. And I don’t want to give you a time because knowing happy you guys you guys will just be sitting by the computer hit. And refresh you guys are the best.

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