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Taking a vacation either means going somewhere extremely popular which will have cell service, or going somewhere off the beaten path, or overseas, where you are not likely to be covered under your cell phone plan. However, that shouldn’t be a reason to keep your smartphone at home, there are still plenty of things you can do with it, such as:

Take Pictures and Videos

Most smartphones today have very robust cameras, rivaling the quality of even top end digital cameras. Using your phone as a camera means you have one less thing to lose or get stolen, and you can easily share your pictures online, or email them to you from your phone. You can also use your memorable pictures to create a unique case or skin for your mobile phone using sites like Amazon, Tesco
and Wrappz. The same can be said about videos, especially as home movies are easier to make now than ever before.

Post to Social Media Accounts

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you need to be off of Facebook or Twitter. As long as you have WiFi, your smartphone can still keep other people updated on what you are doing, or where you are. Posting photos from your trip, while still on your trip, is something that would have been very hard to do even just a few years ago, but it is commonplace now. The GPS function of most phones can be utilized to post where you are down to the building if you so desire, giving your friends on Facebook something to be jealous about – hotdog legs here we come.

Browse the Internet

Sometimes, you just want a little bit of downtime on your vacation, with WiFi access, you can browse your favorite websites on your phone, do some research on your destination, or just play your favorite game. You go on vacation to relax, at times, this means hopping online just to check things out, even though you could easily do it at home.

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