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Do you need a vacation but you’re low on money? With proper planning, a little creativity and willpower, you can enjoy a trip without it costing you a fortune. Here are some practical tips to help you save money on your next vacation:

Pack light

Master the art of packing light by bringing only the essentials. If you’re not sure you’ll need a specific item, don’t pack it. Make sure you won’t go over your baggage limit, as excess baggage fees can be ridiculously steep. If you can get by without checking a bag, that’s even better.

Travel during off-peak season

Go on a vacation during lean or shoulder season to avoid paying exorbitant fees on flights and accommodations. Airlines and lodging companies usually provide discounts and special rates during these times to increase business. Also, by traveling during off-peak season, you can enjoy tourist spots all to yourself, as they won’t be as crowded.

Take public transportation

Explore the city using buses, trains, motorbikes and whatever mode of transportation the locals use. Not only is public transit cheaper than taking taxis and rental cars, it’s also a great way to learn more about a new place and its culture. Or why not see the sights by foot instead and get a good workout at the same time? Check out this free walking tour of top American and European cities.

Shop for groceries

Dining out every meal can quickly deplete your travel budget. Be sure to stop by a local grocery store and grab some easy-to-eat food like fruits, cookies, sandwich ingredients, etc. Eating before you start exploring and packing snacks to eat while you sightsee will keep both your tummy and wallet happy.

Book vacation packages or bundles

Many package deals offer discounts if you book flights and accommodations together or get an all-inclusive vacation package. Travel agencies like LBF Travel can customize your vacation according to your travel needs, preferences and budget.

Carry a water bottle

Not buying bottled water and other drinks while on vacation can save you a significant amount of money. Bring an empty water bottle and fill it up after passing airport security. Refill it at restaurants and anywhere else you get a chance. Or buy a gallon of water and refill your bottle. Doing so is more cost effective than buying a dozen smaller bottles of water.

Check for any free passes

Research your destination to discover tourist attractions, local events and activities that offer free admissions. You can take advantage of museums and parks that have no entrance fee. You can also ask advice from locals on where to go sightseeing without paying much.

Forget souvenirs

You don’t really need another snow globe, ref magnet, key ring or any other mementos from your next adventure. Instagram-worthy photos and videos should be enough to remind you of the awesome trip you had. Plus, they cost nothing and are last longer than any tangible souvenir.

Subscribe to emails from airlines, hotels and travel/tour companies

Be in the loop when there’s an upcoming seat sale, contest or promotion; markdowns can sometimes drop as low as 80%! Opt into their newsletters and follow them on social media. Like LBF Travel to get the best deals on your dream vacations.

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