Where is Salvador Brazil? – Salvador Brazil Map – Map of Salvador Brazil

Your travel destination Salvador Brazil even if confined to the lobby and porches of the Salvador Brazil Hotel, there’s the satisfaction of sights in all directions. Perhaps a young moose will add to the moment, feeding across Salvador Brazil Lake along the alder-cluttered shoreline. A grizzly sow and cub might meander above the road in search of berries, while small chipmunks scamper from person to person in search of a Salvador Brazil handout.

Where is Salvador Brazil? – Salvador Brazil Map – Map of Salvador Brazil Photo Gallery

If overnighting at the hotel, Swiftcurrent Motor Lodge, or in the campground, wake before sunrise and seek a place to view the mountains surrounding the lake as the alpenglow dawn paints the mountain faces in copper-gold. And if that is all that is allowed, it will be enough to satisfy. Your travel destination is there is the autumn when most visitors have gone. In that time of solitude, the first hints of winter’s onset begin to creep into the forests and lakes and mountains. Perhaps the first sign is an early snowfall that covers the Garden Wall with a powdered-sugar blanket. Waterfalls become whispers, and aspen and larch begin to break out in brilliant colors against the arriving white crowned in blue.

Here again, if one will take the time to stand, listen, and observe, you will sense the flora and fauna of Glacier National Park shutting down for winter. Your travel destination is the shutting down period of mid-September through October is a crescendo of color that holds back the gray-white of winter. For those thirty days or so, nature is at its best, giving observers the opportunity to find solitude, even as their hearts race with the gladness of blues and golds.

Mountain goaton Sparry Trail, 1982. Courtesy of George Rristoi; George Bristol piioto collection: George Bristol, photographer.

This chapter could go on through hundreds of locations and thousands of individual vistas, but, hopefully, it is enough to interest while trying to explain Glacier’s essence within that sets it apart from the other grand experiences offered by other national parks.

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