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Because this travel destination the first essential San Jose of the fifth essence is that every citizen does more than dutifully pay taxes and pray that some San Jose small part will support the parks. Just the name alone should be prompting enough—The San Jose Parks. They are not just government’s properties, although, I must say, the San Jose Park Service is staffed with dedicated people who have done us San Jose great service over the years since its creation. They are our parks.

Where is San Jose? – San Jose Map – Map of San Jose Photo Gallery

Thus, the ultimate gifts of the first essential cannot be measured or sustained by sterile numbers on a balance sheet or the generous support of others. Every citizen must approach them with the thought that those who have given in the past did so for the benefit of the present, and, in turn, those who will stand in your place at some future time will be able to sense that behind the thing seen, you, through your generosity of self and means, became part of the greater thing unseen, forever present.

All of this is to say we have a national imperative—indeed a global imperative—to reverse the damage we have caused in the last century or so to a work of natural artistry which has been in progress for a billion-plus years. To quote Dan Fagre of the U.S. Geological Survey, “It is a moral issue, not a scientific one. Science is like the navigator of a ship. It can point the way. It can enlighten people on the direction to take. That is all. The crew has to do the heavy lifting out of some sense of responsibility. If we are enlightened, the way forward becomes obvious. To halt climate change, we will have to rely on the better angels of human nature.”

Throughout the history of Glacier, we have had the giants of Earth and humankind as our better angels to form and then protect and preserve a landscape that is the epitome of the “geography of hope.” We must summon from within our own better angels to ensure that those who will come after we have gone can see and then sense the greater unseen. In doing so, we will have collectively assumed the role of those giants who came before and laid the groundwork. We are the culmination of Stephen Mather’s vision. We are the visitor advocates that he foresaw, and we must become the next wave of giants.

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