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So small why you’re so small you go right over boy this will smooth you just hanging out in the daffodils alright guys we are now heading to Quran. And We’ve got about a 6 to 7 hour boat ride head of us depending on how the waves are hopefully there are none this is not a big boat these are bad.

I’m like dying of sweat already, and we haven’t even left the port it’s been like. We’ve been on the boat for like 35 minutes or 40 minutes, and right there this knock fun. So that’s where.

I went yesterday, and you guys can actually see the tree there that. I flew the drone over top of update been probably four hours for hours. So we got three hours up maybe give or take, and the whole time.

We’ve been going through the most beautiful islands like. I thought we would just be Oh like the ocean nothing to see. But there’s been.

I don’t know dozens of little islands that we passed. I can only imagine the countless beautiful beaches that. I just unvisited here the weather.

So far has actually been perfect for travel the waves are minimal it’s pretty much like a lake water right now it’s so flat also the sun’s not out. So it’s not overly hot which is great there’s no air conditioning on this boat going to front it’s like complete storm weather just on that side.

So hopefully we don’t run into that she’s been sleeping the whole time totally clear over there as he come over here so much. I saw a lightning strike twice in the same place.


I know a guy who got struck by lightning from my church really have survived Oh. I’m such a dog you you Oh guys. I’m having a serious moment like this incredible boat ride getting a little rougher down which is kind of nice axe there’s like stores like look at this it’s like a massive Imperial gate, and we are going let me show you, and we are going right between there to get to Quran this is three notes be like just to the boat ride you see the epic grandness of Palawan there’s.

So many. I’m sure most of them don’t have anything on their set of sailboat, and you wanted to explore. But there is.

So much to see here my big project for me in the future. I must go back, and just really see northern welcome to rainy turin. So it’s about six hours later we have made it here in Quran it’s quite rainy out not too bad though, and right now we’re heading to our resort it’s called lore what’s our resort called Sofia’s garden resort, and that’s where we’ll be safe with your night this looks like an industrial city rains are starting to come down pretty hard okay see you guys in a bit good luck finding a place in the rain we have just arrived here Sophie’s garden resort let’s check it out here is the restaurant this is very nice this is lovely, and we are all the way down here.

We’ve arrived check it out we got everything we got the deluxe suite. So we have a double bed, and a single bed that television which we will definitely not be using Nescafe can make that as soon as. I’m done filming a little desk space.

I really like the bathroom this is nice well very nice in the meantime. I’m going to try to get my blog uploaded that 83%, and that’s two days worth of uploading it’s just ridiculous unfortunately Quran is not going to be any better for us. So we have to either go to the restaurant or to the pool.

I think they said for Wi-Fi or the lobby the lobby as well the challenge to upload continues but. I’m really excited to check out Quran it’s the very first time Abby. And I have been here, and there’s a lot to see guys Lauren just left the room let’s hide behind the door, and see what happens nice try.

I was like why see down the door let’s go check out the pool. So here is the pool it’s lovely we just went first well yeah we did. So we’re saying this right now is Lawrence, and pesto pasta we ate.

So much pasta on this trip. Because we’re laying in Filipino food is not very uh oh oh do. I say it it’s not very good.

I just get very tired of chicken, and rice. I don’t get tired of master classes oh thank you sir you’re free mrs. upward did your head Ronnie.

I just completed one of my favorite ever blogs if you haven’t seen the turkey one check it out if. I remember. I’m gonna be linking it down below you need to take a look at that one you don’t believe me at least listen to him just give me that’s me which is showing Abby what it would be like to be attacked by a raptor that had its toenails clipped ah ah Christian stop getting to know it is like 12:30 right now.

I’ve just been doing work in the restaurant area. I think Abby might already be asleep she’s always. I think.

So I’m gonna say it’s a safe guess hi guys the bed is looking extra comfy. And I’m super tired see you guys tomorrow let’s explore Quran, and let’s get lost again tomorrow the day No.

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