Indonesia – BALI Ghost Palace

That cause the thing that’s ripped open they came to our website his face right by your face dude he came out of their we’re gonna do the swim what’s up guys it’s Christian here today is a very unique blog right behind me here is an abandoned Palace here in Bali we have ventured about two hours on our motorbikes through the hills through the wind, and now through thunderstorms there’s a massive storm that’s just about to hit.

So I’m gonna head inside here. We’ve just paid off the guards a little bit of money, and they’ve allowed us to come in here it was developed in the 90s to be a luxury hotel due to terrorist threats they never went through, and actually fully developed it. And So now it’s ours for the exploring let’s go have a look here comes the real range first thing you see when you come through the beautiful entrance is this marble floor, and it’s sectioned off by please tape right now there’s like moss growing over the marble here basically the entire building is Darrell east you can see here there’s vegetation growing on just about everything in here the roots like falling apart either from moisture or maybe some sort of animal has burrowed up there guys look at the size of the spider no this is a wide-angle lens you’re not going to get the full size of this bad boy.

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But this guy is about as big as my thumb this is what nightmares are made of these are probably a standard room here one bedroom one bathroom one bedroom, and this is the view they get oh my gosh dude how it stops raining for a little bit this is like straight out of a movie like day after tomorrow sort of thing post apocalypse like everyone is gone shattered glass over here got this little mini flashlight, and helped us a lot, and stores a lot you can see the split right some other people try kicking it open. I don’t want to damage anything well the floor is covered in mud here yeah the floors not really like some kind of like a silt. And I thought we were stepping on a carpet yeah apartment right now yes now.

I have to go see freaking window bucks we had so much about this place goes it could be a maze or tiny bottle this entire hallways just covered in dirt the massive room this is. So eerie guys it smells like smoke in here yeah like it smells like someone’s definitely that’s a huge dude black widows oh it’s in there too that web stretches all the way across to the doorframe there’s such like a column that’s over this place it’s really cool you can actually see a bit of the fog or the mist just like kind of like rolling past me my blog might be about getting lost.

But this is not exactly what. I had in mind sup. I’m going to make sure.

I don’t lose the guys. So when we were just downstairs we actually got a total whiff of what smells like some weeds. So we think someone else is here, and as we were walking up that up creepy staircase there we heard for like a split second music, and like unless it’s Kody which Cody’s on the opposite side of like the complex.

So I don’t know how it could have been him. But this place is called the ghost palace hopefully it’s Cody’s messing with us who can that daughter right there friends moving yeah some Cody Cody Cody oh there’s someone moving in that room someone’s in there that room. I said you know what we saw one this is turning out to be a horror movie now dude Cody.

I had a few too many close calls there there’s a group of really territorial birds here, and for whatever reason they really don’t like the drone being in their space. And So they kept dive-bombing it even when I was like ten meters away from getting it back to myself they kept crashing down on it.

But luckily no one actually hit it all right guys. I’m heading back inside here now pretty sketched out like. I don’t want to walk into a dark corridor where.

I don’t know. If I’m a corner like. I hate this stuff.

I love the adventure. I love the adrenaline but I hate boys there you are on the ground looks like blood there’s like.

So much dust in the air to to look alright guys so. We’ve made the top level luckily. I have been reunited with the crew legend has it there’s a butcher that lives under there, and every night he comes out, and he grabs one of the villagers one of the locals he drags them back in the hole now.

I’m not going to meet the butcher. I’m not going in there dear little room it looks like someone like ripped this door apart piece by piece in the lock still in place what’s in there this place would have been insane if it had been built through but I mentioned it earlier.

And I’m not sure the reasoning. But they were receiving terrorist threats. And So that was the reason that totally seized construction, and of course it looks like they’ve invested a lot of money to get this land to get this this building even establishment that would like it went right by your face dude it came out of that hole that caused the thing that’s ripped open they gave birth left right at his face right by your face dude it came out of there oh look at them.

I hate that this is sick guys now it’s turned into like a beautiful Sun shower look at that you can see the mist sprinkling down, and the beautiful yellows being popped out of the green leaf egde you that’s that’s the bat room look at eyes cheeks where is it it’s re gone what where to go. I went to an abandoned building in Bulgaria. I kid you not five foot snake we ran away we didn’t go in.

I was in the exploring with surfing yeah let’s see those all over the back of the serpent. So the serpent is basically running out the entire staircase here is a very peculiar face, and that is Garuda Garuda is the god of flight. So you’ll see Garuda with massive wing spans.

I’m not too sure why he’s on the back of a serpent. But yeah. I think the Indonesian airline is actually named after him Garuda air.

I just saw a guy in a blue uniform standing on the balcony, and like that’s the same uniform the fleece we’re not like technically supposed to be in here every night not a place outside this is not real this looks like a white wall this is like this is a white barrier like. I feel like nothing exists beyond this point like this is like the world is flat, and you just walk out there, and you would fall off the face of the earth, and that’s what it feels like dude what the flip this is the thickest of thick flow blogs this is a thick flog there’s been a casualty oh now what is it doing. I don’t think.

I can use it at all. I don’t think these knocks the temperature is dropping pretty quickly up here there’s actually a huge difference between Bali on the beach in Bali in the mountains like the temperature probably ranges by like 15 degrees. So I wish.

I brought a jacket. Because we have to ride back in the rain in the clouds, and it’s already pretty cold. And I’m not on the bike yet.

So the ghost Palace might not be fulfilling its ultimate purpose. But it is home for someone just people. I don’t want to be around okay spiders serpents bats guys Jesus stare scared to crap me oh Jesus Bethel ha ha all right guys there’s one more room that we need to show you what’s up here this is the Grand Ballroom beautiful marble floors what would have been stylish in the 90s maybe not.

So much anymore incredible room high vaulted ceiling this is seriously a world-class luxury building like it’s just crazy to think what it could have been instead it just sits here empty barren oh my squads rolling out successful abandoned or what guys ever been here actually huzzah we’re surrounded by pretty terrible clouds, and he really get caught in a storm. I’m gonna go pro it. But putting away all the good cameras, and putting on the weather sealing on my backpack.

So I don’t have to worry about water damage it happened to me in Transylvania it was raining. So hard that even with the protective shield on my drone batteries got killed hoping today that won’t be the case around I’d like we were looking down the hill, and some massive storm pot. So that we stop here, and get dinner or we go a little further in hope that we like don’t run into it didn’t really make much doesn’t make myself sick we should have stuff.

But we got the first bit of the storm. But we’re gonna like lay low here, and eat some food, and chill out until the storm passes. Because it’s raining pretty hectic we we made a pit stop.

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