Hey guys it is our first official date here on cold tuck which is basically the developed, and touristy side of cool wrong extremely beautiful, and last night we had a really good night out if you missed that blog definitely check that out this is our air-conditioned room we have it for another night here, and then we’re heading off to Siem Reap this place is 35 bucks it’s a speed it’s in a great area. I definitely recommend that they’re coming to pull wrong you check out this hotel it is the KO rung boutique hotel. And I’m giving it a full five stars for value.

So it won’t be that much longer until. I need to start shopping around for some glasses what do you guys think these are Ronnie’s they help me see at a distance. But everything close by is a little bit hazy err kind of like seeing things in HD.

I definitely need to get myself a set of glasses quite soon the guys kindly left me with all the camera gear it’s clearing one of the things. I’ve noticed is that the upload speeds here in Cambodia don’t seem to be regulated whereas the download speeds are a bit slower. So for the most part if you’re uploading stuff like posts photos it’s not really a problem here everything uploads pretty quickly my blog should probably be fully uploaded in like an hour really not that bad also worth noting here.


So you don’t need shoes in : one of the things. I’m seeing here in Quran more. So than.

I’ve seen in any other Island before is a massive like hippie culture kind of thing. So a lot of people here with their spinning sticks their five sticks an interesting culture thank you very much where we often. I get that remember some Beach yeah that’ll do it.

So this is easily one of the most beautiful beaches. I’ve ever seen fine white sand clear blue water, and today is an absolutely beautiful day it’s already like 2:00 p.m.

Right now we’re going for a little bit of a walk to go around the island. We’ve been told that about a 20 minute walking here is the beach by the name of 4k Beach apparently it’s to be very high-rez the social team here is really good lots of young people like volleyball panning, and by night then drink so. We’ve gone to the very end of the beach here from where the ferry dropped you off now we’re going through this Little Rock area.

I think on this other side of the island where 4k Beach lives. But at this point it could be a total myth. I feel like Mythbusters right now does 4k Beach exist tune in in just a second to find out the sand on this side is a completely different color the beautiful almost like burnt yellow how’s amazing hey guys Christian here today we’re going to be doing a.

I get a beachbody in under 10 minutes work out blend for 10 minutes. But probably will do it for like a minute. So I can’t go submitted the number one thing about getting the beats body you want is making sure it looks good in photos, and okay in post if you just have to be a bit of an illusion.

So first trick find the lighting once we find the lighting we find itself what you want is a shadow that’s cast it from your app or any lines that you have in your body it really creates depth in the body through the difference muscles we go, and then now that there’s no shadows being casted we lost their definition, and we lost the ladies tip number two do like push-ups for. I don’t know maybe 60 seconds it brings blood to your muscles, and make you look bigger than you really are the key to getting the ladies how I got Abby okay.

So tip number three we want to increase our vascularity best way to do that hold your breath count to 110 we’re about ten seconds in to number four get a friend to resuscitate you. Because you passed out then take a pop the vein the final key most important key is to get those ab lines now how do we get out lines Photoshop lean against the fence for a while the other one is to work for it. But we’re going to skip that one juice it up for like 20 seconds.

I’m going to go with that one option three, and potentially option one should should thank you for joining me today on getting fit on top of rock tune in next week when we climb a tree run these big catch of the day oh nice looks fresh oh we got at crawling all over him mmm cuz. I gotta kiss this know every push-up you gotta kiss apiece Ronnie you want to tell them what’s happening tomorrow we just got some really exciting news tomorrow we are going through some collective resource, and what is it kind of luxury results hey stop picking on the three legged friend look he’s missing a leg. But don’t let anyone tell you you’re not beautiful.

Because that would snake you beautiful go go go for photo – do we go then doesn’t look like a loner. So I just spent probably like the last hour filming my Thailand guides like. I’m basically doing one of the intro posts.

And I did it on the other side of the island here, and only to realize after that. I had never turned on the microphone that’s like the most annoying thing you could possibly do as a postgrapher is like to invest all your time, and then realize you don’t have any audio for it drives me crazy. I think it’s done look at the scenery here this is where.

I filmed it it’s absolutely beautiful the Sun it has just about set, and there goes done yeah Ronnie’s very feisty this is basically been our day it’s been very chillax we have just found out though some very very big in exciting news we’re actually being invited to go to Cambodia’s probably most luxurious hotel, and one of the most luxurious in all of Southeast Asia we’re going to be staying there for 3 nights. I couldn’t be more excited we’re going there tomorrow morning it’s called Fung saw. I didn’t really show much in the last post.

But it’s right across from palm beach resort. So where we were staying on the other side of Quran there’s this incredible private island think of like you know those like private homes up above the water on stilts well that’s what it is oh. I’m.

So excited. I’m so so excited like that for me is going to be.

I think the crown of Cambodia like one of the peak experiences. So really excited about that right now we’re just talking with resort trying to figure out what time we’re heading over there ronny any updates. I think we’ll go tomorrow this running to the most little t-shirt Abercrombie & Fitch Wow Wow okay three two one go.

So interesting to think what would be like to be a local here like such a different lifestyle from what we’re used to Ronnie hit a milestone yesterday 4k on the personal account nod run heroes of Ronnie brower’s account. I know you stick the break-in or move its tripod you made it hey why are you biting tripod hey leave your friends yeah bite back tripod speed is four legged ass get him Oh tripod no the turn of events here folks. I thought they were friends being reunited became a WCF world canine way no nevermind now jump with me trying to make a difference in the world it’s under set, and the sky is absolutely beautiful it’s like this really unique gradient of like cotton candy colors just.

So happy to be right now the temperature is perfect we’re basically going to have some dinner here right at the beach. I know there’s a jungle party that’s kicking off there’s like a ten day jungle festival that’s happening here. But we’re going to skip that.

So basically had to run out of dinner we were getting mauled by mosquitoes. I don’t know what it was. But there was at least 30 mosquitoes fluttering over my bag.

So something in my bag is like emitting something attractive to them. And I want nothing to do with it it was horrible. I was getting attacked, and you very much thank you $1.

So I got this for a dollar what are y’all getting a little look here’s what. I built a melon right there, and someone has flattened it totally leveled my mountain, and just put a picnic table there what is this grace GTL for $1 per kilogram they washed our laundry it smells amazing, and they even fold it put in the bag that’s all thank you to the Coorong boutique hotel here in koh rong definitely come here if you guys are looking for something that’s in the $30 $35 price range highly recommend it the lies agree give a thumbs up if you like swell full disclosure.

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